smaller rear sprocket...? edit version

Hey all,

I found that Im riding alot more on the street then I expected when I was

shopping for the bike. It cruises nice between 70-75 on the freeway,

although it seems like Im reving a bit much. I would like to go to

a smaller rear, just enough to make my freeway cruise tone down the revs

a bit. Id like to cruise with traffic at 80-85 without reving too much.

Seems like everyone on the freeway is going 80-90 now anyway...

What size would I need to cruise 80-85 without reving too much.

Any suggestions...? Cheapest place to find them...?

Any how too pages on sprocket swaps around...?

Thanks in advance, Duane

your bike comes a 44 tooth want an even smaller one if your bike revs too much for you.going larger will only make it confused on what your after?your gearing is already ridiculousy high.


yeah your right, i got my math wrong, I guess I need a smaller rear

to get a higher top end, I guess thats what Im looking for, not too much

just enough to eliminate the buzz @ 80-85mph and make it a bit more

freeway freindly for longer trips at speed. So I have a 43 stock, if I went

to a 40 would I loose too much of my low end...? I guess its a trade off...


So I have a 43 stock, if I went to a 40 would I loose too much of my low end...?

43 stock? Didn't your bike come with 15/44 gearing? Have you thought about swapping out the countershaft sprocket instead of the rear sprocket?

I dont know what stcok is I was going by what burned said, I thought it was 43, guess its 44.

I guess changing either would do the same thing and give me

the same outcome. I could go to a 17 or 18 front, or a 38-40 rear

to get the higher top end Im looking for. All I really want is a more comfortble feel on the freeway at speeds around 80-85, at that speed now it sounds like Im reving too much, wish I had a tach...

Guess Ill keep the trailwings for a while since in only 3 weeks I have

1400 miles, only about 100 of them are dirt...:)

I was just looking at the Sprocket Specialists web site and it appears that 16t is the biggest they make for our bikes...not sure if anyone else makes any bigger sprockets. I'd give the 16 a try - each tooth up front makes a big difference. I went from a 15 down to a 14 and it was quite noticeable. The reason I mention changing the front is that I think it's easier and cheaper to change the front sprocket instead of the rear. Hope that helps!

thanks for the info, Ill take a look at their site. Makes sense to change the

front if its easier. Ill probably go with the 16, if thats still not enough

I can always do the rear. Thanks again.

No problem - good luck and keep us posted on how it works out for you.

to the best of my knowledge, you cant mount larger then the 15 up front. Read that somewhere but cant remember where it was. Im sure someone here knows, if not sprocket specialties would.

Dude, 85mph on this bike is too fast! Anyhow, there is direct relationship between any gearing ratio change and the rear wheel speed. IOW if the ratio of front spocket to rear sprocket is increased by 1.1 times, the road speed will increase by 1.1 times. However, at those speeds wind resistance plays a major role and you very well may not change or even decrease your top speed because of the decrease in rear wheel torque. Trial and error is the only way to find the best combo. Let us know what you find out in terms of what gearing change yields what change in top speed.

I found this cool gear ratio caculator on a Baja Buss sight from australia. You can down load it for free. Use the tool bar at the top to use it for motorcycles and get out your owners manual for all the gear info. Be sure and change it to imperial for MPH.

I would leave it as it is. Like it was said it's already geared very high. Too high for tight downhill off road sections. But if your just riding on the street and on the freeway for that matter , I could see wanting a different ratio. 85 is awfully fast for your bike , I think I got mine close to 90 once and it felt waaay to fast for such a light bike. Maybe you should get a street bike too? :)

15t is as big as you can go on the front.i dont think it will pull any smaller than 44 on the back.thats and already ridiculous ratio any way.try a 40 and see what happens.the SM guys run 38 but thats with a 17 inch wheel.try it. :)

I've ridden a lot of highway, and I wouldn't recommend changing the gearing for higher speeds or lower revs. It's not really a highway bike, it has a high center of gravity and wobbles at high speeds. Even if you can keep it pointed in a straight line, how is it going to handle in an emergency situation? Riding motorcycles is risky as it is -- why increase your risk level exponentially?

You might have purchased the wrong bike for your needs. If you're looking for a bike that costs about the same as the drz, will go fast on the highway and do moderately well off road, I'd consider a KLR650 trade in. They don't sell as well as the DRZ's so you might get lucky with the right dealer.

The DRZ is kinda lame offroad with the trailwings anyway, and will really suck with higher gearing.

sprocket specialties got back to me and said the 16 will fit the DRZ, they said that was my cheapest route to test. I have had my bike to 95, really revving, but that was once, didnt have any front shake problems. I cruise with it now at 75, but it still revs a bit high I think. The bike is very stable at speed in my opinion, at least on the trailwings. I wouldnt want to

cruise @ 75 for very long on a set of MT21's...;-)

Im going to order a 16 and see what that does for me, and yes I probably do

need a street bike also. As soon as I pay down my kawi card for the KLX.

I might go the supermotard route and save up for a set of 17's, then again

I could probably find a nice used street bike for the same cost it would

take me to supermotard my KLX...;-)

Thanks for the tips and advice.

Please keep us posted on the 16T when you get it.

It would be neat, the quick gearing change possiblities.

14/47 15/47 16/47.

Ask Sprocket Specialists if it works with your stock chain-guide though, you will need a new or modified case saver also there is a rubber buffer on the swing arm that has not much clearance even with the stock 15T.

looks like its time for another email to SS, I was under the impression

from their email it would fit without mods, but if your right about the

front clearance then going to a 42 or 40 rear would be my next option.


got another response back from SS.

I have never had feedback that it doesn't fit but if other owners think it

is too tight then it might be. We can still achieve the gearing with the

rear sprocket.

Guess Ill save myself the ordering and return hassle with the 16t and opt

for a 42-40 rear, I do like their anodized colors anyway...

Better stick with the trailwings 606's over 70mph get real shaky on the street

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