VOR starting procedures?

i know this guy who just got a 530 VOR and he is having some trouble with starting it. he said it took him almost 25 minutes to get it started after he took if off the truck today, and i gave it a shot for him, while he rested, but it must have been badly fludded by then.soo i left down the trail but i met up with him later, and asked if i could take his 530 for a spin around the track, he said sure, but you have to start it(sarcastically because he didn't think there was any way in hell i would be able to start it)i ride a WR250f and i hopped on his VOR, and did the same thing i would on my bike, used no gas, got it past top dead center and kicked it, and it fired up first kick and his jaw dropped to the floor lol.i didn't really get it though, i thought this bike was supposed to have an automatic compression release, but i kept finding the comptession stroke, then getting it right past TDC and bringing the kicker back to the top and kicking it and it fired first time no problem. do you VOR guys got and starting tips?, and what about when its cold, on yamaha's they say open throttle up completely 2 times to squirt some gas into the cilinder to help it start when it has been sitting for awhile.i was pretty impressed with the 530, im only 16, and that bike was FAST.......... :)

You have most of it right. No throttle cold is a key. Also stock jetting is rich so on the warm days it usually will start with no choke. Let it idle a little before giving any throttle.

Setting idle and air screw right is also key. The user manual lays out the right proceedure for setting the idle/air screws.

Starting hot usually just means kicking with no throttle and no choke.

They do have a auto decompression deal. If its not set right it can be real hard to kick over. Set right all it takes is a complete stroke and they fire up.

Where did this 530 come from Town&Country or Good Fellows?

goodfellows, i know the guy who owns the place. real nice to do business with.

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