1986 Xr600 $500???

I have an chance to buy a 1986 xr600 for $500. The bike looks old and beat, but still intact. The kid says it runs good. What are these bikes worth just for my old man to tool around on? Please let me know what to look out for when I look at it, Thankyou.

As long as the bike runs, that is a good price. One of these bikes in decent shape can fetch between 1000 and 1500, as long as its in decent running condition, and as long as its not too hard to start.

If it's mechanically sound, that is a good deal, especially if your old man likes big thumpers. They are big and heavy and powerful and very reliable, even if beaten. I'm of the opinion that unless you're a professional racer, appearance should be second to performance. Check the play in the forks, headset bearings, rear wheel bearings & swingarm, etc. Inspect the frame for cracks, especially under the seat and the rear portion of the engine cradle area. Even if it is kinda beat up, $500 is a good deal as long as everything is basically sound. But the saying still applies, buyer beware. If you are serious about it but have some doubts, take it to a local bike shop and they might be able do an overall inspection for $40-50. Good luck.

Give it a ride and see if it shifts into all the gears. If I remember right these older 600's had problems with 2nd gear.

Here are some basic used bike buying tips:

- Always ask to start the bike cold; try starting it your self, or get the owner to teach you the starting ritual.

- Let the bike warm up for 5 minutes before riding: you are testing for overheating, hanging idle, rough running. Dont 'rumm, rumm' the throttle, let it settle in and idle.

- Shift through all the gears, even if you can't pull them, several times.

- Test the clutch at a gear to high from a stop, to see if it shudders

- Test the wheels for straight running: have a friend tilt the bike up on it's side stand and spin the back and front wheel. -Look for signs of abuse and neglect (broken spokes, bent rim, curved sprocket teeth, etc)

Even if it does run, expect to spend a dozen hours on it making it safe, and reliable to drive away from your garage. Pushing a bike is extremely not fun.

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