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Rear Brake Failure- PROBLEM SOLVED

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I meant to post this today after I got through riding.

After 85 hours of riding and dragging the brakes like I normally do to slow down I am pleased to say my brakes are fixed permanently. I took off my original Master cylinder.

I then took an '01 CR-250R master cylinder and held it up to the mounting holes on the frame and marked where to cut.

You must cut into your frame slightly because the 01 MS has a hose leading to the resivoir sticking out the front, right where a part of your frame is. I took a die-grinder and ground away a little bit of my frame. I did not grind enough away to weaken the frame. I then purchased some heavy-duty 1/4" fuel line, about 4 foot of it will be needed. I mounted the resivoir bottle inside the airbox, it is totally out of the way of the airfilter and will ensure cool brake fluid is fed into the MS because of the rapid air movement inside the airbox. You only need to take your seat off now to fill the resivoir and the resivoir has a twist off cap. All in all it is now faster and less frustrating to fill it up because it is no where near the header. I drilled a hole in the left side plate on the underneath side, so I could feed the fuel line from the MS up infront of the airbox just below the airboot I mounted a bracket to hold it there then it go straight across the the left side of the subframe and mounted the the underneath side of the subframe all the way up into the hole i drilled into the sideplate and into the airbox to the resivoir.

I dont have any pics yet, I realize this is hard to picture in your mind. End result is reliable rear brakes and you wouldnt even notice that I changed anything by looking unless you knew what to look for. Everything Is tucked in nice and neat.

There is however one slight problem. I only have about 1 1/2" or so of play in the brake pedal until fully locked. I beleive this is due to the larger piston in the 01 MS acting on the small piston in the 02 caliper causing less pedal pressure to apply the brakes harder. It still works great though. Any suggestions on how to fix this dilemma? I dont think an 01 rear caliper will mount up and align correctly on the crf. Havent tried though.

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