smaller rear sprocket...?

Hey all,

I found that Im riding alot more on the street then I expected when I was

shopping for the bike. It cruises ok between 70-75 on the freeway,

although it seems like Im reving a bit much. I would like to go to

a smaller rear, just enough to make my freeway cruise tone down the revs

a bit. Id like to cruise with traffic at 80-85 without reving too much.

Seems like everyone on the freeway is going 80-90 now anyway...

What size would I need to cruise 80-85 without reving too much.

Ill probably eventually get a set of 17's and swap for my stocks

for dirt days...

Any suggestions...? Cheapest place to find them...?

Any how too pages on sprocket swaps around...?

Thanks in advance, Duane

Well, if that is the same as a DRZ-S, it has 15-44 now. That's pretty tall already and I don't know if a 16T sprocket will fit, but I would try. You will probably have to cut the chain rub guard for clearance. If you go 17s, you will need even taller gearing. If the 16T fits, you can go to a 38 or 40 rear and it should be OK with the 17s. By the way, the sprockets are the same as current RMs, so they should be readily available. Good luck.

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