Replacement grips

I recently purchased a 2003 XR650L. It has Moose Racing bark busters on it, and renthal bars. The clutch side grip need to be replaced, and I was wondering if anyone had any ideas. The prior owner said the grips had to be cut to allow for the bark busters to screw into the bars. This seems funny to me, but this is my first dirtbike. Before I wander aimlessly around catalogs online, I figured I'd check with the experts. Thanks.

Some expensive grips have the ends pre-cut but I just get regular grips, than take a large rubber mallet and smack the ends of the grips after intalling them on the bars. the handle bars end up punching the perfect diameter hole through the new grips. Than re-install bark busters:ride:

Cool.. Thanks a lot. I didn't want to have to screw around with cutting.. I'll look for plain jane grips and bang them on.

Be aware that grips come in at least two different sizes! Be sure you measure first and order accordingly.:banghead:

Cutting the end off is no big deal, takes about 10 seconds with a razor-blade knife.

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