trails to ride in Colorado and Moab

I am a week into a three week road trip and will be heading out towards Telluride and Moab the rest of the week and sure would like to hook up with some local riders or gain some info on where to ride. Thanks. 805 427-3594 Ron :)

I have three words for you...MONTROSE. If you like crazy hillclimbs and nice soft dirt head towards the Flattop Mtn. In montrose. You'll see it from the main road, it has a flat top with radio towers. All around it are sick dirt hills, and you can ride up to the edge of Black Canyon too. You will not regret going there, believe me. Also there is some good riding in Delta, and Grand Junction. there are soo many trails and riding ares in Colorado, it would be hard to recommend some. Montrose, Delta, and Junction are all freeride type areas, with trails crisscrossing everywhere. Sick single track in Routte national forest(outside Rand, CO). I'm sure thre's also trails in Telluride, but I haven't made it that far SW yet.

Go to Montrose.

If you are going to be around Salida or Crested Butte I may be able to help you. Lots of good single track around both areas. I've never been to Moab but from what I hear it is hard to beat...

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