Brand new and smoking?

I litterally just got home with my brand new candian model '03 CRF450. I started it up and let it idle for about a minute and then blipped the throttle 2-4 times and the exhaust blew smoke. It's kinda dark so I can't tell if it's black or blue right now. Anyways, is this normal and I'm paranoid or is this something to look into? Oh, and YES, I checked all fluids before starting. Everything is fine.


Hey Sirhk,

this is totally normal for the 4-stokes as they get broken in. The rings need to seat. Just watch the oil consumption and take your time breaking it in.

They also smoke a little when they are cold after break in. Its just normal.

Same thing happened to mine (I just got it 2 days ago). It won't take long for the black smoke to go away. And like JM113 says, take it easy for the first while ie.25 kms or so.

P.S Did you check to see if your air filter was OK. MIne was dry and I had to oil it. Cleaned it with warm soap and water first to be sure.

Not yet on the air filter. But the person I got it from made a point to let me know that they had oiled it. I'll check though anyways this week when I pull it apart to lube linkage and steering bearings as well as putting a wrench on most of the bolts.

Anyone know of any other common things to do on a brand new ride before I use it? This is my first BRAND NEW bike....

I'll do a search on that tonight when I get home from work but if anyone wants to post I'd appreciate it.


My 02' and 03' big thing, it should slow down to just a little, then it should do it only when starting.

New Bike:

*chain adj. bolt.....anti-seize them.

*lube: swingarm,rear-wheel, steering,shock linkage

*think about new chain(later though)DID ERT

*tighten spokes after everyride(I should know)

Do that search and you will be set to go!! :)

Sure is nice to have a New Bike!!!! :D

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