CRF250F and CRF250X pics

Here are some pics I took yesterday of the new bikes...

Click here

Were you at the Off Road Expo in Pomona? Damn I should of gone to that! I love that CRF 250X. I really want to get one for my trail bike, well that is, if there are any trails left in California that are open :).

The bikes were in Honda's display at the Del Mar dirtrack race.

Thanx for the pics.

I still hate the front fender :)

Where is the 250X? Did I miss some thing? All I saw was the 250F. :)

Pics 5 and 6 are the X model. In pic 5 you can barely make out the low profile tail light and in pic 6 you can see the starter under the carb. I should have taken more pics of the X model.

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