Longest lasting mx tire

try the maxxis, i've found it very hard wearing. i've always found michi's good in other applications.


The Dunlop D606 is the longest laster I have ran.

Try the dunlop 756, very hard and does'nt chunk out, mike

Dunlop 739 Desert A/T

I think it has thicker construction and harder compound than other Dunlop models. Not really a sand tire, despite the “Desert” in the title, the tread is very similar (but not exact) to the stock YZ tire (D739).

I’ve never weighed one, but it is definitely two to four pounds heavier than the same size 755, that is the trade off for a very flat-resistant tire that will probably never chunk any knobs off.

What is a good, long lasting knobby tire? I do a lot of woods riding and am not concerned about pattern or brand. I just want a tire with good durability with knobbies that stay on.


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