01 650 R

I was riding my 2001 XR650R yesterday. When I came to a stop and the bike was idling I heard a loud metal to metal grinding.

I immediatley shut it off. I checked the oil level-good, I checked the valve clearances-good .006 intake & .008 exhaust. After restarting it I hear a loud tapping noise.Its not coming from valve train. Has anyone expierenced this problem? I'm thinking it sounds like a wrist pin but, I will not know until I disassemble it. Any info would be greatly appreciated.


This is just a shot in the dark possiblity. Check your carburetor choke plate and make sure the little flapper (spring, screws, plate) is still intact. These have been know to fail and get sucked into the engine. Some people replace the stock choke plate with a solid plate (XRs Only) or remove the entire choke assembly (like I have).

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