Anyone know who this TT member is?




The Electric Bike again... I had an article or web page saved away somewhere on that thing... fascinating... not sure who the person was, but you could try a search of TT archives...


fredwear is right, it's Scott F and his silent electric bike.

Hey Greg, was that a trivia contest? :) What did Fred win? I would like to welcome Fred to TT. He is a new CRF convert, and I have known him for over 15 years.

I kinda remember you taking those pictures of me and my electric bike at the World Cup of Motocross. My bike was photographed at least a hundred times, and I answered the same five questions all day. It sure was fun riding it around the track and pits all day on one charge.

I didn't take those pics... they are off of the photo section from the World Cup website. Steve Bruhn took them. By the way... I was just reading my new issue of Dirt Bike and it seems you won a pair of shoes in some trivia contest they had.

Oh yeah, I thought those TFS pics looked familiar...

A couple weeks ago I got a package from UPS, but I wasn't expecting a package, and I didn't order anything. When I opened it up, I was pleasantly surprised to find a nice set of Sidi hiking type shoes. I couldn't tell who sent them or why, so I called Sidi and found out that they were from DB. Very cool. I just sent them back for a bigger size.

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