525 SX Questions

I'm getting my 525 SX this week and I've read from one source that the triple clamps are the old 20 mm offset and today read that the 525 SX gets the 14 mm offset clamps from the factory -- anyone know for sure what offset the factory ships the bike with?

Also, does the OCEMN needle "work" with the 525 -- I used it on my 520 SX with good results.

Thanks for the input.


The article in last months Motocross Action said it had the 20 mm on it stock.

The KTM literature is wrong. The 125, 250 and 450SX all get the 14mm but the 525sx is coming with the 20, for some reason.

I have a '03 525SX. It came with the 20mm offset clamps stock. I suggest that you try it stock. I think it handles better than the '02 did.

<font color="orange"> Hey,Jeb I think even the 200sx may come with the 14's..Oh by the way Chuck's fork kit works awesome.Went with stack #2,120mm oil,and yes your right stock .44's..But I may go with .46's even though my weight doesn't call for it..The front end hanging down does.. :)

Thanks Fen. I forgot about the 200SX.

Glad you like the ebay revalve kit. What a total win-win for $40!

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