ever been stuck out overnight with a dead bike?

slept in the woods 'cause of a broken water pump?

bedded with the bugs due to a seized motor?

caught out in the desert with a broken chain?

stuck with the snakes 'cause you forgot to refill the gas tank?

got stories? :)


jim aka the wrooster

Nope, ive had plent of nighmares about them though. What would you do if you are by yourself way back in a trail with a busted bike? Most of us with yamahas dont have to worry about that too much though :)

Stuck out two miles in a sand bar with a hole in my gas tank the size of a quarter. Gas running out of it all over my engine that i had been running all day. :) Lucky it didnt catch fire and blow up my bike. Had to push my bike up out of the sand onto a dirt rode and push it all the back to the car! :D Another time i seized my engine.....

Being out alone in the mountain is something I recommend to all riders. :D Learning how to handle situations by yourself are great character builders. I even like to go trail riding by myself at night. It's like riding in a dream. Get way out there and turn off your lights and see how long you can handle the pitch black with wierd sounds. Here in Hawaii we don't have bears or other man-eating critters so I feel it's pretty safe. If we had critters that kill I'd probably pack a weapon. Go it alone once in awhile especially at night and you will learn a lot about yourself! :) Go it alone and you have to get yourself out of situations with no help. Good training...

Torture... are you a mercinary or what? :)

Mercinary? HA HA HA HA HA! I've been stuck many times alone and been injured many times alone. I grew up riding some trecherous terrain with this guy named Wayne. He'd meet me after work and we would do this really sick loop in Helemano just about every weekday. Sometimes he didn't come so I just followed the same loop he would've taken me on. Got used to coming out alone in the dark. Found out what I was made of and it meant more to me to show myself what I can do than others. Being tough in the mountains is a personal thing for me. I like to know I can handle myself in just about any situation.

I found out over the years that there are a lot less people who feel the same way I do. I know of a few riders that will ride alone thru the gnarlies. Fatigue and pain is progress in your riding toughness.

Riding with a group is a blast but if no one shows up, it won't alter my day of riding. In fact, I ride a lot harder when I go alone than with a group. No stopping, just ride. Just like a Hare & Hound. You end up riding alone all day anyway. Mercinary? Nah. There are some really tough riders out there but there are way more riders that could get tougher in the mind... :) Some guys won't even ride unless they're with someone. I grew up different I guess...

The trails around where I live recently opened back up when the 100 + day drought ended with a couple days of rain. I was dying to ride and couldn't wait for someone else to go so I went by myself. The trail system I chose consists of about 38 miles of single track located within the coastal forest. Awesome riding. I started out the afternoon around 3:30pm and planned on riding one loop. To make a long story short, I fell quite a few times getting used to the gorilla snot again... some of the hills were almost impossible. About 22 miles into the loop and after standing my bike up for the 10th attempt at a nasty root infested hill with a stepup at the top, my bike wouldn't start. Hummm couldn't be out of gas...after all I have been reading post after post of guys getting 80 - 100 miles out of a tank.... naaa. Switch to reserve and after a couple of kicks I was back in biz again. By this time it is 6pm, I am on reserve, I can't go back the way I came because some of the trails I came down were much longer and steeper than the one I was stuck on... so now it's gut check time. I was physically exhausted. It was getting darker by the minute, and I had removed my stock WR lighting in favor of a yz number plate and rear fender in preparation of this weekends GP and next weeks cross country race. I was starting to have visions of snuggling with Yogi for the night. About that time, my never say die attitude and visions of my wife and kids alone kicked me in the a#@ and got me going again. I used the heel of my boot to dig the face of the trail down to dry soil to aide with traction. I hand picked the line I was going to take, put my helmet back on and went for it. I made it to the step up for the first time, but not with enough speed to make it up the face, so I launched the bike up (ghost rider) and hoped it didn't come back. The bars caught the trunk of a tree long enough for me to traverse the hill and keep the bike from sliding down. I quickly shut the fuel off and spent the next 20 or so minutes pulling my bike up the hill one foot at a time until I got it to flat ground. When I got back to my bronco there was little light to speak of and my tank was just about dry.

Never give up. Never say die.

Rides like this will test your mental toughness and your relationship with the almighty.

I got home in time to tuck my 5 year old son into bed and tell him a great bedtime story. :)


This is an awesome story! Bravo! One of the top posts I ever read on TT. Man, Machine, Nature. Rides like that freak most people out but you know that those are the ones where you get massive knowledge about the most important aspect of riding, YOU . You could of rolled up and cringed for the night but you toughed it out. No doubt you were dealing with your mind playing tricks on you giving you all the horrible scenarios of being stuck out there. (This, by the way is an excellent motivator!) You went into the survival mode and came out a winner. You became mentally tougher from this ride more than any easy day.

Been in that situation many times and for me it was a mix of fear, frustration, anger, etc. As I did rides like that more I would have to force myself into a trail I knew was tough. I would get into another gnarly situation with less fear, frustration, etc. After ahwile it became something to laugh about. Stuck out there all alone can be a beautiful thing. Where you're at I'm guessing the Bears and Wolves would make it real interesting!! Prepare for the worst.

I'm happy you have a good outlook on this subject cause most riders would look at that story and be soooo happy it wasn't them. I'm happy it was you cause I know you came out of it a better, tougher rider...Aloha.

racinace/torture - we're not worthy, we're not worthy... :D

Call me a whimp, whatever! I believe in riding with a partner incase of injury (and a cell phone if there is a signal in that terrain). If you're injured (like a broken leg), there is nothing either one of you can do on those gnarly trails to pull your bikes out of those hills with such an injury where you can't put pressure on your legs - you would have to leave your bikes and get to civilization by foot - a partner can really help here... :)

Safety in numbers, period! I think that's how most of us non-worthy people ride - most of us are not well trained navy seals like you guys... :D

I had the bad opportunity to be stuck all night with a bad date :D

Not only was she ugly, but man could that chick talk.

Yak-yak-Yak-yak-Yak-yak-Yak-yak-Yak-yak-Yak-yak-YAKITY YAAAAK

All freaking night, Man I ran out of beer about 1 am and was honestly thinking I was going to just walk straight out into the ocean and drown me self. :D

It was hopeless I finally go the nerve up to just say

Ya know your a nice gal and all but lets face it your ugly, and Im drunk, so what da say weeee



Yak-yak-Yak-yak-Yak-yak-Yak-yak-Yak-yak-Yak-yak-YAKITY YAAAAK

Are we talking about the same thing here, I thought you said dead dike :)

At least you had a partner to help you out if your ummm stick was broken... :):D

AV: You should know I do ride prepared. First aide kit, tools, cell phone, etc. Your absolutely right though, you should always ride with a partner, as it is safer. BUT if you find yourself in a similar situation, don't give up or turn around and go back. Meet the mental challenge and fight through it. You will learn more about yourself in a few hours than you never thought possible.

Roost ya later!

I wouldn't give up, just wouldn't be out there by myself :)

All this reminds me of a song long time back from Leon Russel

it goes like this

I want to know how to say Im lost in the Jungle in Zulu

Ya cant, no way to say Im lost in the Jungle in Zulu

Ya see Zulu's dont get lost in the Jungle

What chew want to say is


Well its a strange world im living in...

anyway I thought it fit :)

Cheers I will be quiet now

I came up with this phrase when I had a T-Shirt business:


I'm going riding this weekend and it's gonna be gooood! See ya!

TORTURE it funny you write of this. LAST Monday afternoon I was by myself riding between phase two & wonka-wonka heading into naked man ther was a light rain falling, the was sun going down fast, and it was darker than expected, do to the low cloud cover. In front of me run's a med size black pig. my heart is racing, can I make it out paper bark before dark, will the old bike hold up? can I make the last river crossing and up hill? Than the end of - paper bark in the dark.. There are few people that know pleasure like this or would understand. The sun is setting behind Kaina point & I am slowly riding the dirt roads home I wish there was a few more minutes of light. never enough time to ride, with or without you my friend.


It's nice to hear you are still going out into the uglies alone. When you get on the Sunday off schedule, maybe we can hook up again.

Worst thats happened to me is I came down a huge hill, going through a canyon. You know the type, once you go down you have to get up the other side or your stuck. Well, going up the other side I didn't have enough speed, fell and broke my clutch lever. Uh Oh. So now I'm stuck in the bottom of a canyon with about a 5 foot run to the hill on either side of me. After getting pissed off and swearing I dragged my bike 20 feet up one of the hills, went down, started and made it up luckily.

Not as bad as some of your guys' stories but then again this is my first year riding.

Yep, blown up YZ125 deep in the woods by my self in Oregon. Really slep pretty good and was woke up buy a log truck that gave me and my bike a ride back. Parents were much more scared than me. It simply got to dark for me to know where to go to make it out that night. Super dark in the woods when it is cloudy out!!! Was little spooked at first but quickly grew tired from bordom and fell asleep. Built a fire with gas and a match (which I always carry). Was kinda fun looking back on it :>) that was about 20 years ago what I was about 18.

I'm surprised that there are not more war stories on this topic. I was talking to a bud this last weekend about this very topic and he was telling me about a trip to Baja he went on. Four guys, their bikes, a lot of make shift containers for gas, and no real plan but to ride for 7 days. To make a long story short 2 days in one of the guys fell off the pace and didn't show up at the next fork in the road. One of them went back to find the guy and found them they did... proped up against a tree dead! :) The guy died right there on the trail from what appeared to be (later confirmed) a heart attack. They packed their falled brothern out by tying him to the back of one of the other riders. When crossing the border they simply told the patrol that he had way too much to drink and he bought it. He received a proper burial back on US soil. Wow. Anyway, thought I would share.

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