What is the life span of an XR650R doing 90% street riding?

hey guys..i was just wondering if you thought the xr650r would be the right bike for me. im turning 16 but i have been riding for almost7 years and have ridden plenty of race bikes and trail bikes. Im gunna be using this bike to get to school during the week. about a half hour away and then going to blast on some trails during a few weekends here and there. do you think this bike would be the right choice for me?

I use my 650R for school commuting and terrorizing the town, the torque is amazing 0-80 in under 7 seconds....(just a quess)

It's not nearly as good as a 250/450 for tighter trails, but when you get onto the open stuff, it owns. Its amazing to cruise in 5th gear going 50 down a dirt road, look back as you twist on the trottle and watch the rocks being thrown back 50 feet:busted: :banghead::busted:

I bought a 2004 XR650R for pre-running this year's Baja 1000 and I was able to get it plated. It's fun to ride on the street, but is very much an off-road bike. If you are going to do 90% of your riding on the street, you should at least consider the XR650L (you should be able to pick one up much cheaper than an R too). One of the other racers on my team pre-ran this year's 1000 on his XR650L. His bike performed more than adequatly for pre-running and he never felt at a disadvantage. I think in tighter sections, the L would have felt heavier than an R, but I think the ability to carry heavier loads, the air-cooled motor, and the electric start make the L a better choice for a dual-purpose bike. Also, he had his suspension done by precision concepts and I think that helped a lot for off-road. However, if you do want the R, as far as realiability with the XR650R, I think if you just stay on top of the mantainence, it should be just fine. If you get an R, be sure to un-cork it.

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