2000 WR400 Weeping Waterpump

Does anyone know if I need to remove the case side cover to service this?

I plan on replacing the seals AND the impeller shaft. I just need to know if I should order a case side cover gasket too.

Help :banghead:

I just pulled my 07 wr450 apart for the same thing . I had to pull off my side cover . I know the are not the same at all , but the over all design should be . On my bike there was no way to do with out pulling the side , But I did not tear any gaskets during the tear down.

here's pics of your's



If you look a the shaft "it's part 1 in the first pic" there is a lip on the the end that is facing inward , that will not allow you to pull it out from the outside.

it's pretty straight forward. make sure to check out the bearing too. last time i had mine off, i swapped it out for a new one.

Being that it's a 8 years old and I've not had the bike it's entire life it's getting all the gaskets, seals, bearings, and that little shaft. Cheap insurance. Thanks for the help- parts are on order.

make sure you go to yamaha and get what ever coolant they recomend . yamaha have a reputation for having water pumps ripped out if you cheap out on coolant .

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