YZ timing quirk?

just went to YZ timing just to see what it was like. Noticed a modest increase in the midrange. One thing I did notice is that the bike used to start first kick every time without the hot start, but now it needs it every time. Still starts first kick with it out, but it is a pain to remember.

Also wondering what jetting everyone is using with this set-up. Normal altitude is 2-8000 ft with 50-90F.

Thanks in advance

I've posted many times that the timing change doesn't really affect jetting, but the bike has a more lopey idle.

So you may need to adjust your fuel screw and idle speed.

I got a couple hours of riding on my bike after changing to YZ timing before I fouled the plug. The change in timing made it way too rich. I went to the YZ needle and it has been fine since.

I've also posted many times that, if you remove the air box lid and exhaust insert (and doesn't everybody), do yourself a favor and try YZ jetting.

The needle and PAJ are the only difference, and you may not need the latter.

Hope this helps.

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