Exhaust modification / Damper

I have just been through the posts on exhaust mod's and dampers - two questions?


has anybody actually modified the stock WR01 exhaust (or similar) - what changes did you make? I am considering shortening it, increasing the size of the core and putting a downturned end cap on. May not be as light as aftermarket but cheaper.

b)has anybody succesfully fitted a front mounted damper to a WR and retained the light/odo? Got Photo's?


Cheers Skippy,

seen that - a fella called roo-hunter has cut the end of his stock and replaced it with a removable end cap (40mm outlet) and left the internals alone. :D Suggests substantial mid range improvement.

Sounds like a good option - surely someone on TT has had some modification experiance here :)

I am buying a damper and can't afford a pipe as well :D


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