Proud new owner of a Fo Five OHHH!!!

If you guys have been keeping up with my story you would know that I intended on getting the 250F. That changed Saturday (yesterday) when I walked into the dealership I had my name on the list with. They had a YZ 450 sitting on the showroom floor that was not spoken for yet. I immediatly fell in love and I told the guy I was going to leave to kind of stew on it a while. My bro and I came to the conclusion that the 450 is probably a better choice for me considering I weigh about 195 in the buff. I had ridden his 01 426 and I loved it but it weighed to much for my liking. When I sat on the 450 and shifted it back and forth it felt like my CR 250 and I couldn't believe it. That's what sealed the deal for me. When we got it to my brothers house (I live 3 hours south of him and we were just visiting) I obviously had to start it and cruise it down the street. First thing I noticed was the seat tank juncture was almost flat. To start it I had to give it about 10 good rips because it was flooded because on the way from the dealer we started smelling fuel because the petcock was turned on and we were making some sharp turns. Once I got it lit and a little warmed up I took some passes down the road to see what it had. DAMN!!!! It was fast and smoothe. It didn't feel very abrupt like my bros 426. Then my bro rode it and said that it felt faster than his 426 so we did a comparison and sure enough the 426 felt slower. His is stock except for a White Bros exhaust (stock head pipe). The hot start trigger is killer. Just hold it in with your index finger and give it a rip. The next day (today) I wanted to see how it would start completely cold and not flooded. Choke out and one kick she lit. Then later in the day I was effin around and tried to start it cold again with my hand. About 4 pumps of the arm and she came to life. I could not believe how easy it starts. Now I can't wait to take it to the track. The problem is that when my wife and I jumped in the car to go up north 3 hrs we did not intend on buying this bike so we did not bring my truck. Now I have to wait untill the 19th when my bro and his family comes down to visit. He promised he would not take it out and cristen it untill he brought it down to me and I had a chance.

Good luck with the new bike! I just got mine last week and I rode it on the track for the first time this weekend. It is worth the wait!!!

It is very smooth, not abrupt like you said and the suspension for me (190# with gear) is perfect!! I still cant believe how this thing handles in the corners right out of the box!

I f I were you I wouln't trust your bother with that thing. Get in your truck now and ride ir yourself this weekend!! :)

Your bro will probably only ride it once or twice (storage fee) Hope he doesn't wad it up too bad. LOL

I went up after work today and picked it up. 2 hr drive from work and a 3 hr drive back home. I just couldn't stand to leave it there for 2 weeks!!!!! :)

Excellent!!! I wouldn't have trust my Brother either :)

Now ride it and ket us know how you like it.

Congrats on your purchase. You will never regret owning this machine. Best investment I have ever made!


Congradulations, I got my bike three weeks ago and I love it. But there is some things that need fixing. The first time you ride it on the track, be ready for the bike to stall coming into a turn or stalling in the air it seems like alot of bikes need there idle to be turned up. I heard alot of stories of people almost going over the handle bars, including myself. Next problem , and I hear Yamaha is working on it, is the grabby clutch. Also if you are 195 pounds you are going to need fork springs and shock springs. Check out my answer to someones question on page 4 "450 question (suspension) good luck with your bike.

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