mile's / k's??

My 426 now has 4,200 k's on it and still going strong

Has any one got more milage with out pulling the motor down [color:blue] [/color]

I'm at 4180 Kms on my 2002. I checked the valve clearance at 1000 Kms and I'll check it again this winter and lube the chassis...I don't expect to strip the engine for at least a few seasons yet though. I don't race it and I do regular oil changes using Amsoil and a Micronic oil filter, and a Uni air filter with synthetic Maxima FFT air filter oil for superior protection...

Upon buying my '01 WR 426F in early may this year, I did a valve clearance job, changed oil etc. That was with 1200km on the odometer

Two weeks ago, I took her to the mech, with 6500km on the counter, without having touched any screw or bolt on the engine, no oil change, no touching the carb, no nothing.

Clearance on 4 of the 5 valves needed to be adjusted, there were no remarks to be made about how the oil looked when it came out of the engine.

I'll stick to the rhythm of checking valves twice a year, but will change oil more frequently.



I have almost 9000k for 4 months on my 2002 wr and it still is ok. I do not since any problem. I'm using Motul 300V competition oil on every 1000km. I also clean the oil filter every time I chang the oil. I checked my valve clearance on 1000km and it was fine. I'll check them again soon.

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