Difference between SX and MXC engine?

What is the difference between the 525 SX engine, and the 525 MXC engine? From the off-road.com website, it appears as if only the SX recieved a bunch of refinements.



From KTM's 03 specs:

525 SX Racing 4-Stroke

Extensive efforts have boosted the performance level of this engine.

Crank gear

Featuring a slimmed-down inertia weight, the new 525 SX crankshaft is about 800 grams lighter.

Cylinder/Cylinder Head

A new cylinder head, whose port cross-section was increased from 39 to 41 mm, and a new Keihin FCR-MX 41 carburetor with hot-start knob, as well as lighter valve springs improve peak power.

Through a change in timing, the modified camshaft boosts peak power and increases the maximum r.p.m. .

Ignition System

New digital control electronics and a lighter weight ignition system deliver improved throttle response.

Thanks John B

What about the MXC engine? I am riding a 520SX with E-start and 5th & 6th.

See Ya

Okie :)

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