Some Pictures From Downeyville This Past Saturday

It was a bit dusty but otherwise a great ride. We did a 150 mile loop. In our little group it was Ratso, Justin, Monty, Eva and, myself. I won't bore you with too many pictures. But, at least you can get an idea of how beautiful this place is. There were also some pretty challenging trails. Super rocky, nasty, technical up and down hills! Needless to say, it was a blast.

















Wow that looks like a great place, where is Downeyville at?

It is north east of Sacramento California. I'm guesing maybe 60 miles.

Downieville is a great place. I first rode it on a MTB, it was in the 100

best rides in northern california MTBbook. The MTB ride starts at gold

lake, then you go up about 700 feet on double track. Then the best part is a

14 mile, 4000ft decent to the town of Downieville. My fingers where killing

me from brake squeeze on my bike.

I have yet to go back on my MC, want to check out some of the other forks

and loops around the area. Gold lake is a great place to have a base camp,

high mountain lake, nice campsites.

Thanks for the pics, did you guys bring a GPS, Id lke to check out

that rustic cabin you guys found?

The Downiville downhill MTB race draws a big crowd every summer.

Thanks for the great pics! The Sierra is an awesome place to ride, let me know if you ever get up my way (Stanislaus Forest , Tuolumne County) I'd love to join you! :)

Kawidual, I don't have a GPS yet. But, I do have roll charts. A GPS will be my next investment. If you would like a roll chart let me know. I'll try to get some copies made.

GMAN, just invite us. I'm always open to checking out other places. Paul

WOW! I had no idea that area was so beautiful. One day, I'll come out and ride with you.

Nice Photos. Beautiful land. You must have really enjoyed that land scape. Thanx for sharing. :)

You sure do know how to make a person (ME) jealous!

Nice pics P! :)

Nice pics Paul !! I am definately going to have to make it up there one of these days soon. That looks like my kinda riding. Thanks for sharing... I love pics. :)


Beautitful pics bro. Fall is beyond a doubt my favorite time of year to ride. Winter too, but fall you finally get some rain here in Colo. Traction is unbelievable, deer know when you have a weapon or not so they come out and tease ya on the trails. Saw 2 deer I had to runoff last ride and Elk all over in the timber. They don't stand on the trail. They do like to look you over. Thanks again for the beauty of the mountains. I love them where ever they are. George

beautiful pics, bet you guys had a great time. someday when i when the lottery i will have to travel out that way and check it out for myself. thanks for the pics

Absolutly fantastic. Over here on the east coast we have some nice areas but Nothing compairs to the real moutains on the west coast. I will definatly take a ride on the west coast before I die. As well as out in the desert, and Baja.

One of these days all us East Coasters will have to make a trip...through CO...AZ and New Mexico...CA..OR..WA.

SO many cool places. Seems like we need a state by state listing of best places to ride maybe w/user ratings.

Now if we can only keep the enviro-nuts from closing them down in fear that we might have a good time :)


Paul that was a good ride just too much dust. They need some rain! Thanks for the shot of Eva and me she rides most of the daul sport rides with me. I have some more pics you need to show me how to post them.

monty :)

Thanks for the pics man that place looks truely beutifull I couldn't ride there I be to busy looking at the seenery and then end up running into it


Nice spot. The whole area looks awesome.

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