CRF450 EFM or Revloc

Looking at getting back into riding after years of laying off. Will run harescrambles, some playing on mx tracks. Looking at either CRF 450 OR YZ 450. I want either an EFM clutch or Revloc. Anyone out here have either of these? Need some feedback. I like $$$ of EFM over Revloc. Thanks for any help.

I have the EFM clutch and have tested it extensively in just about every condition imaginable. It has far surpassed my expectations!! The clutch allows me to get through technical terrain that leaves most my riding mates begging for mercy. On the MX track, I can forget about clutch control and stalling and concentrate on hitting the fastest line. By far the best mod I have made!

Check them out at


Bombhammer, I got the EFM for my WR250F and it is awesome. I thought it would just be great in tight terrain, so I got it for the enduro bike. But it is so good I want to put one on my CRF. On the WR I had this huge spacer-did you have the same on your CRF? I understand the Revloc doesn't have that. Any problems with installation on the CRF?


The 3/8" spacer is used so you can utilize all of your clutch plates. Some other manufacturers either remove some of these plates, or go to thinner ones. With the EFM, you can re-install your original clutch because the only mod made is the spacer. I actually like the spacer because it allows me to put more oil in the tranny side...very good for peace of mind. :)

Installation was a breeze, about 30 min, just using regular shop tools.


I should have my version of an automatic clutch out by the end of the month for the CRF. It will cost $399 and simply replaces your stock pressure plate. Easy on and easy off if you like.

Here's a link to a thread with all of the details z-Start Thread

Whatever product you choose, I'm sure you'll like the auto clutch.

Hey Bombhammer,

To install the EFM, do you need to only remove the clutch cover, or do you have to remove the complete side of the engine, incl kickstart etc.??


For a CRF, all I removed was the brake pedal and the clutch cover. No need to take apart the kick start assembly. If you get in a jam, don't hesitate to call or email Garry. he's great with customer support!


Sure am liking the EFM on my Ccannondale.

youngwerth keep us up-dated!!!!

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