I need a little help here please

I am looking to buy a good 2 stroke racing bike that is just right for my size. I dont want a four stroke cause I have a ttr 125. I am about 5'6' or 5'7' and about 140 lbs. I have rode a cr 125 and a kx 125 and they both are a little big for me. could someone give me some advise please?

Even though this is a 4 STROKE site...what do you mean the 125's were too big for you? Too tall, too fast, too heavy? I don't know all there is to know about 2 smokes, but I think your best bet is to practice and get better on a 125-your size and weight seems just right for one. Actually, there are many riders (with decent experience) that are your size on 250's. I would think an 85 would be too small, and if you want to race, then hello 125... just my .02

Do they make 100 2 strokes?-I dunno...

IF you want to race, you will probably not be allowed on 85's after a certain age... you will have no option but to get a 125...

You shouldn't be riding it with both feet touching the ground anyway... you will get used to it, there are a few things that can make it seem smaller for you - set the shock and forks marginally lower, cut some seat foam...



The problem with a 125 is that I cant reach the ground and it is just a little to heavy. I've rode my cousins cr 125 in a field and it is bad ass, but it just seems like it is to big. I am only 15. I done some searching and found a kx 100, which seems like my size(has a seat hight of 34.3 in.) I am a pretty good rider( only wrecked once with my ttr, had it for one year now) and the kx 100 is close to the size of the ttr 125.

WEll you have to feel comfortable and confident, so if you truly think a 125 isn't for you, then pretty much your only choice is a 100. I have no idea what class the 100's run in when racing.

But just b/c you don't touch the ground on a 125 doesn't mean it's to big-just gotta go with what you feel confident on...

The kx100 runs in the Supermini class. The same class that a TTR125L would run in. Go straight for a 125 2 smoke. Trust me in another 2 months you will want one. Buy a good tool kit because if you get the KX you are really going to need it.

Yea if you get a 125 youll grow into it. I had 97 yz125 when i was 13.

kx/rm 100!

The only problem with a KX/RM 100 is that if you are going to race and you are 15 you can only race the mini class untill your 16.

Buy a YZ125

Also riders who never crash don't push themselves :)

If you don't crash everytime you ride, then your not riding hard enough. :)

I started riding my YZ 125 at the age of 13 and I was about 5'5" and wieghed 120 pounds. At the age of 15 I was riding a 250F. Heck, if your 5'7" and wiegh 140 you should be able to ride a YZ250F or any 125(Preferably a yamie).

im 14 160 lbs and about 5.7 and i am wanting a bike that i can race sometimes but then still be able to go trail riding with and ride it in my yard i have just over an acre what should i get YZ 125 250 what? any and all info greatly appreciated.


Trail Rider, I am 155lbs and 5'6"get a 99-01 YZ125 they are a bit smaller than all the other 125s ... you will get used to the "not being able to touch the ground" issue, once you are on the bike and riding that doesnt matter any ways!

Motorider I recomend the YZ250-F :)


my dad is about 5.11 and 200 what should we get for him but keep in mind that he has no intention of racing?. he is more of a trail rider but he likes to hit jumps and he wants some-thing with power but not too much power!

Um... I would reccomend mayb the xr250. Or mayb the crf250X i believe its called. Probably those 2 bikes would be a good choice for your dad.

Unfortunately, the CRFX mentioned doesn't exist, except in photos.

I recommend a YZ250F.


Oh really? I thought it existed... Hum... sorry my bad... yes i agree the yz250F is a good choice.

It is a 2004 model; likely it will be available summer of 2003? Who knows. :)

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