Yamaha YZF 450 Frame Breaking?

I currently ride a 01 426, and I am wanting to buy a YZF 450 but I have heard rumors that Yamaha has stopped production of the 450's because the frames are cracking. Has anybody heard anything about this?

Where did you hear this?? This is a bold statement for your first post here on TT. Do you have links to any online articles that mention this? We haven't heard anything like that and would really appreciate any updates on this that you can find.

I was talking to one of the track owners of a local track. He said he heard that, I should of asked him where he heard it but i didn't get a chance to. I hope this is not the case because I have been on Blue since the 99' 400 and love the bikes. I will keep searching for information on this and will post any information I find. Thanks for responding.


LOL Vegas!!

Please get that info and let us know. What color bike is that track owner riding?? Red perhaps?? Get the rope!!!! :)

In all fairness, the weight savings HAD to come from SOMEWHERE...and I would never want to be the first to own anything as expensive and/or cutting-edge as the '03 450...

There are ALWAYS some bugs to work out of a new/revised model. Just my $7,000 worth... :)

Yamaha has been at this for a while. They know how to build a dirtbike. If this was a Cannondale group I could believe it. Don't believe everything that you hear.

Some people just make $hit up to make you believe that they know something.


I was talking to a guy who rode a Montessa, he said he over heard two guys that rode Hodakas saying they had a buddy who rode a ATK and his wife had a Moto-Beta. Well they were in Japan visiting her sister "THE HOOKER" :D

and they said that she said as the guys on the hodakas buddy who rode the ATK and his wife who had a moto-beta, while the guy on the Montessa overheard, that the frames are not cracking becouse of stress, they are cracking becouse the crf guys are being run over by the yzf's and now Yamaha is being sued by Honda becouse there mean :) bad peepole

I heard the same story from my cousins ex-girlfreinds former roomates uncle (twice removed) that Yamaha frames werent cracking.

I have got to beleive that Yamaha would never expose themselves to enormous liability by making a weak frame. These things have to be rigorously tested or folks are going to be getting really @#$&ed up.

I am sure all the CRF owners are getting their @$$es kicked and have to make up something. :)

Very nice guys, I see that I will fit right in here! (LOL) I am getting the answer I hoped I would get, nobody has heard anything about problems with the yzf frame. I am still going to do a little research on the subject and will post any findings...(TROLLLLLLLL!!!!!!!!!!!)? Not real sure what it means but my coworkers got kick out of it, I now have a new office nick name...thanks yznvegas I owe you one.

I don't know if the frame itself is different.They sure looked the same side by side.Where did he hear they were cracking?

Wait a minute!! my wife said she say a crack on mine as i rode away!! moon.gif

Post deleted by E.G.O.****

Oh wait is that Ego in front of me?? Let em get this quarter out of my pocket............lol :)

The frame rumour was probably started by a Honda dealer. What gives? Honda dealers have an abundant supply and will give away the farm and the Yamaha dealers can't get them and can sell them for retail? :)

Just got my new edition of Dirt Rider today. They have a story about the 450. They have the two frames side by side and there is a big difference between the two. There is a lot of material removed from the steering head area and the side rails look smaller. Could be just the picture not sure on that one.


By the way joe a troll is someone who comes into a thread and makes a stupid statement just to get a raise from the natives.


Thanks for the clarification, but I assure you I am not trying to get a rise out of anybody. I heard this information from a track owner who is a friend and seems to be pretty impartial; he spoke very highly of both bikes. When he said he heard that the frames were cracking I was concerned that I might drop a lot of money on a bike with a serious flaw. I figured if anybody knew about this situation the guys here would know, so I asked. When I see him again I will interrogate him on his source of information.

Are you sure he did not say he had a friend on crack :D

Are you using a Sprint phone You knwo what static will do to a conversation.. :)

Well I got a hold with the track owner and he said he heard it from a guy who had a yzf 450, this guy later called Yamaha and asked if the rumor was true...Yamaha said that they had one bike come back with a cracked frame but it was a test bike that was being abused to see if they could break it. It looks like this was a false alarm! Excuse me while I go buy a bike. Thanks for the help...I think?!? :)

Now I have heard of people on here that said they cracked their throttle wide open but I keep looking around my throttle and dont see a crack forming yet so mine must be ok.

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