What was wrong with my bike

If you remember I posted about my bike running bad. It was something that happened all at once. One second the bike was running great , the next pretty badly.

Initial thoughts were clogged jets, vent hoses, gas cap, water in gas, etc.

Turns out an old problem resurfaced. My camchain tensioner let me down again. This time the bike merely jumped time.

Time for a new camchain tensioner and possibly a camchain holder(the top piece that holds the camchain in place that bolts onto the journals).

This camchain tensioner sucks!

yes they do!i dont know why suzuki wont adress this problem!

they fail on their street bikes also.im working on a manual camchain tensioner,with bolt and lock nut.orient express makes them for gsxr 600/750 and i think its the same tesioner.they have been on back order so im waiting.its the cure!i will try to find a picture.


I ordered a new camchain tensioner. There is a new part number :)

here is what im talking about.


Hey burned if ya get that sorted out I will :) take one of those

ok,FX!im just waiting on the tensoiner to confirm that it is the same.they are cool,anodized billet.red or blue,but you never know which. :)

I would like to see that product also.

I sure wish Suzuki would have put the mounting bolts for the tensioner on top and bottom instead of putting that one on the inside...... it's quite a pain to get to even with the black canister removed.

Another picture from that site:


here is antoher pic bill!


I have been wondering about checking my tensioner. If I unbolt it will a bunch of stuff pop out or is it easy??

Can you tell if it is broken easily? My motor seems much noisier than my buddys...maybe this is why???? Instructions appreciated!

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