Bars Too High?

I have been using the stock bars until last week I decided to try the Renthal Button series bars off my 426. They are real high compared to the stockers (110mm rise) and even higher than CR High bend bars.

My question is when do you know that your bars are too high? I'm 6'1" and immediately notice much better leg room when cornering tight berms. They were also nicer when standing. While seated it seemed to force me to keep my elbows up more. Only problem was I got more blisters and my arms seemed to get more tired (could be due to holding my elbows up more).

Any of you guys try such high bars?

I have the CR Hi bars and I used the 909 perch adaptors..they made the bars like a 1/2 inch higher as well. They feel great standing up.. Is there a rule of waht angle your forearm should be at when sitting with hands on the grips?

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