Tall Seat Foam call out, whose got it??

I need tall seat foam for an IMS seat/ tank combo

please tell me where to buy and what brand of cover, as I know some covers are short and would never cover taller foam.


TeamOatmeal Pie

I've got the GUTS tall foam and their cover - no problems fitting the cover over the tall foam. Made a huge improvement over the 2x4 that came with the IMS conversion.


I'm with NVRFNSH onn that, guts tall foam. Real comfy and coupled with the footpeg mod give me the extra room I need for my 34 inch inseam ! They make a nice flame cover too.

The only gripe I had is that living in europe postage cost 1.5 times the cost of the foam and cover combined. They screwed up and sent it TNT instead of airmail.

I put my first hole in it over easter....manoevering the bike in the garage and it toppled over onto a snow shovel and one of the butterfly nuts put a neat hole in it. Damn!!!!

I 3rd it. Guts tall foam is the best.

I use a tall YZ seat cover from Stroker. It is by far the most durable seat cover I have seen.

Dont get a Factory Effects. It has the rubberized type gripper seat and where the rubber meets the vinyl on the side, it wore through super quick. FYI

I run the thumper racing tall foam and cover.

Tuner said it was the tallest...

Guts tall medium density foam and Guts tall cover. The medium density is much more plush than stock.

Do your ass a favor and get some :)

I have the Guts tall foam and competition cover. I Love it and the installation was a snap.


Where can I get this GUTS foam and cover? My ass is killing me after every ride. It's keeping me from putting in a whole day of riding. I also have the YZ seat and tank combo with the standard 2X4 oak foam. Thanks!

Thanks Pete!!

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