Headlight kit/invention for 03 CRF

I am wondering if anybody has purchased or created any kind of headlight for the CRF. I don't do alot of riding at night but there is the occasional ride at night and a headlight would be nice. I am looking for something that you can almost snap in place quick connect and then take off when done. Any thoughts or ideas etc are appreciated.



All I saw at electrex and baja designs were dual sport kits. Where would you get the strap on headlight at? Or what is it called. I may be looking in the wrong place.


I would think that Acerbis would make something that would work for you. I remember at a hare scrambles a few years ago there were some guys with Cr250's with lights on the fronts. I thought they were the cre250 conversions but they just had Acerbis headlights with a battery pack mounted behind them. Another idea is to use a mountain bike style light . The batteries are rechargable and not too bulky. They are not cheap but they are very bright and you can get mounts for your helmet. A company called Night Rider is the manufacturer. One of my winter sports is mountain biking and we do a lot of riding at night and these lights work very well.

My CRF450X Project is coming along slowly.

E-line supplied the Multi-Sport Kit along with a C-fiber skidplate and headpipe guard.

BajaDesigns is rewiring my stator and will also supply a PMB Spark Arrestor.

I'm patiently waiting for the fine folks at TrailTech to perfect their high-output flywheel so that I can be ready for the post time-change darkness. I'll also purchase their kickstand and Panaram.

Full report to follow. . .


How did you install your stator that quick?

It took me for ever. Maybe not that long, but it did take me a while. First I wanted to save my gasket and then I couldn't get the stock stator off due to rounded screw heads (I think they were put on with an impact wrench.) Ounce I got the stock stator off, new one installed, wires soldered and shrink tubed, then I had to figure how to fit 4 wires through a 2 wire gromet. It did turn out nice though.

You could always just call in sick to work, and ride in the day and not have to worry at all about the dark. :D :D :)

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