450 clutch

Hey, everyone not to beat a dead horse but we need some hard info on the clutch problem. When I took my clutch cover off there was next to no oil in the clutch compartment? I'm coming from a 2 stroke were there is an oil bath! Should there be lots of oil in clutch or is it differant on a 4 stroke? So I called YAMAHA on Fri. and asked for some info on the situation and he took my vin # and said that there was no bulletin on it, or any recalls, so what do we do next just let it wear out prematurely and then the warranty will be up and it will be our baby????????? Does anyone know the real reason for the noise and grabby clutch (I assume lack of oil(not big enough oil holes in the basket)is the reason).

I have a 450 I bought here in Norway last Thursday. I rode my bike this weekend and the clutch was grabby. I talked to my dealer today, and he called a Yamaha tech. rep. He was told to take the clutch plates out and let then soak in oil over night. He is going to try this tomorrow. I don't know if this is a permanent fix, but I'll shure be keeping a close eye on my clutch. :)

I really don't think that this is a permanent fix because I tried that already and it worked for abuot 10 min. or so. But I didn't soak them that long, (30 min.). Hope someone gets to the bottom of it. THANKS :)

I have been very skeptical about the oil volume reduction in the name of weight savings on these new bikes. The old ones didn't hold very much to begin with when you consider the incredible rpm's.

The weight could be saved by taking a leak before you raced, or drinking one less bottle of Gatorade or maybe just losing a couple pounds of unecessary rider flab. Please don't starve my engine for oil. Just my .02

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