Got my head bolts out today

They took off the halo today.:banghead: Still wont be able to ride for a few more months.I'll be able to feel my pillow tonight for the first time in along time. bolton.jpg

Read your post in Dr. Mark's forum also, apparently you've had a rough time. Best wishes for a full recovery.

Hope you have the sleep of a lifetime tonight, been there, done that, know how it feels, don't wanna do it again.:banghead:

I sincerely hope the rest of your recovery goes well and you're back on your scoot before the summer get here. :busted:

Read the title in new threads, and thought it was about the engine's head bolts. Hope you make a full recovery. :banghead:

i hope you remembered to remove them in an even, criss-cross pattern!:banghead:

Good to see you on the up.

Hey knuklehead, I thought the same thing as fishpost19 ! Than I thought it was a spoof now i see it is real.It looks to have been very painful ! Is your story posted anywhere here ? Bike related? Anyway...not to pry,best wishes for a fast recovery.I am new to TT only about 7 weeks and I have seen some very interesting people here to say the least ! The help i recived from several of you was awesome,so maybe i can return the help to someone else down the road.My last lesson was FOCUS ! FOCUS ! FOCUS ! The bike runs great now,still working on the of the bottom hesatation,thanks again to all of you

Danny V

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