KTM Tripple Clamp recall news at today.

For all owners with new KTM s 2003

Disreguard the old Tripple clamp informations.Check the Fabrication Date stamp under your tripple clamp.You will see in the middle a 2(the year)around that you see 12 triangles.One for each month.if you find 2 to 7 dots in the triangles contact your dealer right away for a appointment to change the clamp on warranty.""DO NOT RIDE THE BIKE."" This goes for ALL 03 KTMs.

Why can`t we ride the bike ??? will the clamp break apart ??

Thats what KTM says in its Info of today.

I bought my 525 EXC from a Québec dealer... I assume that they should have received this information also... right ?? By the way I looked for your phone number on the net (using Clasen Motors KTM) but found nothing....

Here is what I found on the KTM USA site... it`s dated as August 26th ??? Could this be old news ?? I just picked up my bike last week so maybe it`s already been fixed !!!


What you found on the KTM USA page is OLD news.

Reed my info of TODAY...

The Quebec dealer MAY inform you or not.

I got a call from my dealer about 1/2 hr ago explaining the situation.... I`ll have to chk if my bike is amongst the "bad bottom clamp" group !!!!

This is a new recall. It seems the triple clamps that have passed inspection are now breaking.

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