03 250f bike test.....

has anyne came out with the 03 250f bike test yeh.......i see the 450 in every amg but no 250.......

Your not the only one waiting!!Man 450 this 450 that! I guess the new 250F isn't as special as its big brother!!

:) Everything about the 03 250F is taking forever, I think Yamaha are teasing everyone.I hope they are worth the wait! :D

Oh yeh, it is definitely worth the wait. Mine is awesome. Gotta fatten up the needle a bit cause its a tad lean. But other than that it just rails.

Wait till you flood it and have to kick it over, 4 kicks is all mine took. And kicking it is a lot like a 2smoke.

Absolutely no metal shavings in the oil this time. I have changed it 4 times now, and each time the filters were clean as a whistle. The oil had a bit of a metallic look to it but no corn flakes like the 02 was. :)

I forgot to add something. I no longer fear hammering the rear brake coming into corners with the 03. It is all but impossible to get it too stall from rear tire lockup.

I have stalled it a lot on purpose to get a feel for it, and what I found out is, as long as it's still rolling, shifting it down to a lower gear is all it takes to bump start it (no clutch required). We have a lot of sand here so it's a godsend to say the least.

i'm still waiting for THE call from my dealer, i'll bet my bike is still floating out in the pacific...ie...longshoreman lockout!!

There's a write up in last week's Cycle News about it...

I wish my 02 did that YZ250F Rider, I have a problem stalling it when I lock up the rear, but I am getting those bugs worked out of my riding.

I had the same problem on the 02 ThumperMX, I wound up favoring the front brake more than the rear to compensate. While it helped, it sure did add some exciting endos to my rides while mastering it LOL.

Odd thing is, my son now rides the 02, and he has no problem with rear lockup stalls, go figure. And yes we have converted another rider to the 250F fold. He just loves the 02, almost as much as I love the 03. :)

:DMy second, 250F 03, practice bike is in. Coming home on friday! The 03 starts really easy, and seems to have more power. My son raced the 250C class with it, and got the holeshot.Sorry yours is not in, but where do you live?

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