New boy - old archive links required please

Hi all,

just got my new 2002 WR426f, this is a european bike, not from America. Can someone please point me to the old posts with ref to 'Break-In'. Also

to the old post ref 'very easy mods'. Does my

bike need the same mods if it is not from America?

Please bear in mind I am very new to this so be

gentle with me!

Thanks Rich


Last weekend I went riding with some buds from Canada who also ride WR 426's. They were saying that their bikes in stock form were different than the American version because of the emision standards here in the States. Contact banffboy here at thumpertalk and he can tell you more about it.


Welcome to TT... and Welcome to the brethren of WR owners...

Your best facility here at TT is to use the search button - plug in some terms, limit it to the forums that might be appropriate, and then read away... there are hours and hours of posts to read about almost any subject to do with WR/YZ's...

If you want specific info, then ask, but bear in mind that you have a European model, which, when looking at previous postings, is very similar to the Canadian and Australian models.

You will not have to worry about the grey wire, or the throttle stop, or the exhaust baffle.

Mods that are applicable to your new beast include the YZ exhaust timing, the airbox lid, and the latest discovery, the blue wire...

You will also find a number of your countrymen are active and perhaps you would start with using their jetting spec's as a guide... I refer to Taffy and to Guy... Keep your eyes out for them, and they will steer you in the right direction as far as UK specific stuff...

Good luck, and catch you here again soon...


Hi Dave, thanks for the friendly advise.

Cheers Rich

Hey Rich, Welcome.

I'm in Woking, Surrey. Whereabouts are you? I've got a '99 WR400 but I guess most of the mods stuff is the same - remove airbox lid, remove throttle stop, Go to YZ timing if you want some extra punch. We don't get the grey wire.

As for run-in. I've just overhauled my engine - new everything, just took it easy for the first days ride, like half throttle. Then it was ready to be raced.

If your close I'm quite happy to help out with any of the mods or get out for a ride sometime


Hi Rik, thanks for the info. With ref to break-in I have read too many stories on which type of oil to use for break-in. Basically I am using a

non-synthetic for first 200 miles then onto Silkolene Comp 4. What do you recon?


p.s. Live in Haslemere, near Devils punchbowl.

[ April 03, 2002: Message edited by: Follett ]

Cooil Devils Punch powl - thats where we ride. Email me on and I'll let you when we're out next.

As for oils I'm on the Supermoto list and theres a MAJOR thread going on at the mo. of the evils for fully synth - Personally I use it and have no ill effects, but your right to use mineral oil from new. then change over - make sure you change the oil filter and clean the filter in the down tube

Blue wire. BLUE wire?????

ARGGGGG......I swear I'm gonna just cut 'em all!!! :D:)

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