Who is the best at Husky engine performance?

Can anyone please direct me to the best-experienced Husqvarna engine builders out there?? I'm in AZ....and I'm in CA all the time....anyhow....if you have any opinions on the matter, please let me know.... websites, company names, whatever……

I'm looking to make my '96 410 a little snappier....

Thanks! :)

George Erl at Up-Tite Husqvarna. (714)540-2920

AL: Thanks, I'll give them a buzz, appreciate it...

Update: Called George @ up-tite a few minutes ago as recommended...seemed to know his stuff.....

Here is what he recommends for anyone interested in helping out the 410’s….

1: His custom cam ($385)

2: His exhaust system, which incl headers ($385) + ($25) for extra items related if desired…

Simple tweaks to the carb, jetting, air fuel screw and away we go.

Or, if you want to get nasty, you can build a 544 combo….

1: 410 Crank

2: 610 Rod

3: 610 Top End

4: 610 Cyl

5: Carb work/new one

Big Bucks around 2.5k!!

Or, if you weren’t happy with the first set, or can’t afford the 544 combo…..one can always opt for the high compression piston and some head work…..but then you would have to run race gas….. With just the cam and exhaust, no race gas is required.

I’m likely going to go with the cam and exhaust and see how it goes…..he’s out of the cams at the time being……but I will report back as to how awesome he says it is….

He gave the analogy of being in third gear, ½-3/4 throttle….and having just a little bit of punch if you pull it full throttle being in stock trim…but with the cam it would just pull like a mother…..with serious balls…..he said a substantial difference…

Hope that gives people some ideas if they are in the same boat as I. Which is, a 610/570 is too much….whereas they want something between the 410 and those….


PS: I mentioned I have a Big Gun system, and he said I am loosing (as I remember) 2HP from the stock config!!! He said the Big Gun would pull a little longer, but actual HP was lost... Dang! Money down the drain!!

His system is good for 6-8 above stock, depending upon tune of bike, etc... For a total of 50ish hp.....Not Bad at all!!


I dont know who this builder is but if he tells you a pipe only is worth 6-8 hp on a bike that the total hp is around 45-50 hp he is lying! That is over a 10% increase and I dont think it can be done with a pipe alone. Good Luck

I am in the process of tuning an SMR570 taking it out to 601cc using a 100mm piston.I am very interested in the Uptite cam.Please me know how you get on.I am hoping to achive 70HP at the rear wheel.My 1st option for a cam upgrade is to use the TC cam which has twice the inlet duration over the TE cam.The cam works in all 350/410/510/610 models.But it is still a mild cam & gives a very broad spread of power.A radical cam like Up Tites version sound a very exciting prospect.

A friend has a 350/510 combo using an aircooled 510 top end on 350 bottom end.The piston is 95mm from a Husaberg.Lots of berg parts will fit the Husky engine.Indeed my friend has had a major engine rebuild on an air cooled 510 mainly with Berg parts.I am sure there is Berg cam which will fit & is more radical than a Husky TC cam but cannot find any correct info.

Fastest: I understand your reluctance to believe in that kind of gain, but if it's the best pipe on the mamarket for the bike, it's certainly possible. It may not be rear wheel horsepower that George is talking about, but I can easily believe 5.5 rear wheel gain...... I would assume flywheel gain....when he says 6-8, depending upon app.

One other thing to consider is he also includes better headers in the deal. All the other pipes on the market use the stock headers, whereas his, you get new ones that flow better, and keep the engine cooler, meaning more power! :)

Taliesin: Man, you will have a custom bike, that's forsure. I had no idea about the interchange of parts between the hussy's and husky's....interesting....

I don't have the cash this minute to throw down on both the cam and uptite pipe, but I have enough for one.

I do have my stock exhaust, the big gun exhaust and also a malcolm smith pipe (same as a super trapp) to bolt on. The Big Gun is on there now, but if I can make more power with the other two pipes, I'll put one of those on instead.....

I need to find out if I can make more power with the cam, or his pipe. That will determine which one I get first. HIs cams won't be in for another few weeks. He is out at the moment and needs to make another batch....

I don't know the cam specs of the up-tite one, but I imagine it's fun......

THe TC cam is the MX cam, right? I have a WXC model, so I don't know how my cam specs would relate to that.... What's the price tag on the TC cam?

$385 for the cam is pricey for me, but I don't know pricing on 4-stroke cams, just cars and stuff.....there is a huge difference...

More than likely I will try that UpTite cam.....the way he described it, got me curious! :)


Dale is a real gentleman in this industry and actualy has a dyno in house to back up all his claims. He has designed a few husaberg cams and has a cam doctor and its requisite software just for doing this. These profiles will work on the husky cam as well, both megacycle an web will do custom grinds.

Try giving him a call as well and discussing your goals w/o any bs.

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