BILYCLUB=Bill Lawrence=Where is my Headpipe?

This item (2002 CRF Headpipe) was offered to me for 75 dollars (shipped) and was in the package ready to go according Bill. The check #8350 was sent 9/16. A check cashing place called to confirm it was ok to cash around the 20th. I replied yes with ID.

Seventeen days have passed since then. No responce to email, unpublished phone number, no reply in the private mail pt. of thumpertalk. Yet on 10/02/20002 he was on thumpertalk telling how much he weighed (ie BILYCLUB). When transactions are not handled fairly it hurts everyone. Do we have to all use ebay to source a used part? Usually riders are a honest bunch of guys I would like to keep operating under that assumption. BILYCLUB you need to respond.

Previous correspondence on 9/15/2002

Bill Lawrence

21412 s.156 st.

Chandler, Az. 85249

ive got it boxed up and ready to ship. be sure to include your return address on the envelope. i know all about bending stuff on rocks since i moved to arizona. so far ive mangled 3 radiators. our radiators seem pretty flimsy and a bit volnurable though. im actually working on some killer radiator gaurds right now. im going to post pics on thumper talk when i get my design finalized. if i get enough interest i may start selling them.


<BUMP> This guy needs to be banned from this site, and fellow TT'ers need to know he is not reliable, and a THIEF, yes, a thief, for taking your money and not sending your product.

Spread the word!

There is one on ebay for sale right now. Might want to start a plan B

I'm with therapture!

Nothing is worse than sending your hard earned $$$ and never get it. Might want to do a search on that guy!! What a JERK!! :)

I agree with RIPPER65 and therapture. I too happen to be very trustworthy of others and have sent things out to people on there word that the money was on its way. I havent experienced any problems so far. But crap like this will definatly make me think twice before sending of parts without money in hand. So billyclub whats up with the headpipe? You made a deal, so stick to it!!! I hope its a mistake in the postage system rather than someone getting the short end of your stick.

Since "billy-goat-club" has not responded on TT or in private correspondence, it would see he is intent on keeping the money and screwing this guy out of a part. What a slug! mxaddict has a stock header pipe I think he might be willing to part with....if you can't trust that guy then there is no hope in the world :)

well, isnt this a delight. (im trying to find some humor somewhere in this mess) i assure you all that the head pipe was indeed put in the mail on the 20th. after that its location is out of my control. i can scan the shipping reciept and e-mail it to you if you would like. the reason i have not responded is because i havent checked my e-mail in a long time. ive been working 12-14 hour days and dont have much time lately. when i do get online i just come in here, browse some posts and thats it. i didnt respond because i didnt know there was a problem! in a way im glad you put up the post you did, im just a little miffed at the responses. im just an honest hard working guy like everyone else. im not out to ripp-off or scam anybody. as soon as i can get in touch with you by phone to find out how you would like me to send your money back i will. then if the pipe arrives you can act as you wish. all i want is any credibility i may have had on this site back. i recieved a call from a number that i didnt recognize today at 3:55. i cant always hear my phone at the job site. if it was you please try again as i tried to call it back but i got a recording saying that the number does not accept unidentified numbers.

Ahh! Bilyclub, that's all we wanted! :)

It's all cool bud, just track the package and see what happened. Good luck!


I hope the part eventually shows up, the transaction is successfully completed and we hear a good report.

Till then, you have the shipping receipt, therefore you have his address. Send him a Cashiers Check or Money Order via return receipt mail instead of dragging this out.

Too bad you didn't read or respond to any e-mails for weeks. This could have been resolved privately.

Hey S*** happens

I'm glad I didnt open my mouth and insert foot like some of us here did! Ive been accused of being a little hair trigger myself at times. I'm gald I decided to wait and monitor this situation first. I hope some apologies are in order, and some feelings arent too hurt over this.


My bad Bill..... :)

I do a lot of shipping/receiving and it can get to you if somewhere down the line the <font color="brown">$$$$$$ gets lost or so called WHATEVER happens!

My apologies to you!

I guess I'm human.......... :D

man you guys are brutal! this guy is trying to fix this and you are still kicking his @$$! give him a break and keep it between him and boxer. :)

Good News!! Today I received a money order from BILYCLUB for the $75 I had sent 30 days ago. The part never did turn up but Bill and I are square and thats what matters.

Thanks to therapture, RIPPER 65, CRF450 #73 and needsprayer for your concern. For a while there I wasn't sure if I had made a bad choice to buy a part from a stranger seeing as I didn't get any part or responce for a while.

Just for an example when people buy stuff from me I send a digital photo of the item next to the package and a photo of the shipping receipt the day the item is shipped. A couple days later I email the buyer to see if the item arrived in good condition. A little follow up can really put the buyers mind at ease. So lets all relax and get back to riding.

I'm glad you gave us a report. I didn't want to ask but I was wondering how it turned out.

Good to hear that you and Bill are OK. Bill sounded like a straight shooter.

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