we're knee deep in fuel man...


did a recent clean up on a 99 Yz 400 F.

After throwing all the bits back on and getting ready to start the byatch we thru a clean tank of fuel in it, after turning the fuel tap on it started leaking from the fuel tap and also from two of the three clear hoses running from the carb.

as stated we're knee deep in fuel without a freakin clue... or a drop left in the tank...

this is a no smoking zone...

anyone got any ideas? is there a diaphram in the fuel tap that could be brittle and broken?

Why would the carby overflow fuel?


Sounds like you need a new fuel tap, Try giving the carb a tap with a hammer, it may have a stuck float, not closing off the fuel flow when full, Otherwise strip and clean carb, check float height.

My first guess is that the float is not set correctly or is stuck in the carb. That's the first thing that I would check.

The tap just needs to be replaced. There's kit for them, but the success rate is pretty low.

The carb:

> Float or needle valve stuck or dirty (clean)

> Needle valve dried up/worn out (replace)

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