Wanted: 02 CRF rear subframe

Mine's tweaked...

i've never seen one i couldn't bend back or even have welded back together.of course i'm probably the only racer that tried to fix a pair of renthals with duct tape and paint paddles.

Quote from Westladog from a post with the same question a while back, "It's a dirt bike, just bend it back." :)

service honda - $199, I also saw a kit somewhere that you can have an aluminum welder put on the subframe to strengthen it significantly, but I can't remember where I saw that.

There is one on ebay right now!! Punch in crf 450 into the search, and it will come up.. Good luck!!

Call 800 536-6680, Ask for Rick

New AC CR450F Sub Frames $149.95

and in stock!

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