Anyone using a Michelin S12 for the desert?

This tire looks a lot like a 756. Has anyone had any luck using this tire in the desert?

I have a Michelin S12 on my YZ450. After 40 hours and about 1000 miles around Show Low, it needs to be taken off. The top surface of the center and middle rows are worn parallel to ground contact now, increasing the tendancy to slide out on corners. Some knobs are cracked, but few have broken off. The tire's resistance to slide out at speed was very good until just recently.

The Michelin has the middle row of knobs rotated 45 degrees, the 756 does not. Knob height and rubber compound might be different, too. But both have large open area. In my opinion the only compromise with the Michelin S12 here is the wear rate.

The S-12 is my favorite tire (front and rear) for just about all types of riding. They actually wear very well, especially for a soft terrain tire, the knobs will hold their edge longer than any tire I've used but in rocky conditions they will chunk.

I have used 756's quite a bit and they will wear out much faster than the S-12. IMO the 756 is an overrated tire...they are awesome when brand new but the knobs round off so quickly that they can no longer offer the traction even though they are not worn down.

I went from a 756 to an S-12 about 25 hours ago on my 06 450. It's still in great shape and has sharp edges. The 756 was only good for about 6 hours of track time, then it started to lose it edges. When fresh, they seemed pretty equal in traction and cornering grip. Some of the tracks I race on are really sandy, so it would probably work pretty good in the dessert. It might chunk if it's really rocky but I don't know that from experience.

Thank you for your info. I just mounted one on my front and will let you know how it works. Happy trails...

I have run S-12's on my YZ450 with okay results. After a couple of 2-1/2 hr races the side knobs tore off the front but the rear held up fine. I switched to the M-12 on the front and ran the S-12 on the back with good results. I still prefer the 756's.

The S12 is actually intended as a mud tire, and Michelin states that they don't do well in in rocks. In Michelins, the MS3 is probably a better choice for the desert.

hey guys, try the maxxis IS and report back...

Personally, I have tried the IT. In my always ever so humble opinion...

They suck. Traction is marginal within a narrow range of soils, poor outside of that, and they don't wear well at all. Not in the least like the IT rears, which are pretty good. If you mean Maxxis SI, they are said to be somewhat better.

I stand corrected. it is the SI, not the IS. And yes, it is MUCH better than the IT. It was developed as Maxxix's GNCC premium race tire, and is incredible. Tire life is pretty good, but has good traction even when worn. I have converted all of my buddies. I am going to the desert with it today, even it was developed for the woods. It will not last longer than the IT. I have not tried the front, though I hear it is pretty good. It grips as good or getter than the S12 in straight up and down traction, but has excellent side grip. Velcro magic!


s 12 here and i love it

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