DirtWerkz dB Dawg

Does anyone use a DirtWerkz dB Dawg on their 426?

Their website says that is will reduce noise upto 10 dB.

Just wondering if they really do work and how much (if at all) they hurt performance.

They do work, but they do hurt performance... don't let anyone tell you they don't.

I had one and it made a noticeable difference in sound, but in the end I decided to not use it because I felt it robbed a lot of power.

I have one. I use it to get thru the sound tests and then I quickly remove it, because it really kills the bottom end.

I have a FMF Ti-4 slip-on with the power-bomb header. With the DB Dawg it registers 91 DB. Without it, its just over 100 DB.

It does work, but it does feel like you put a cork in the exhaust.

If you need to have a quiet exhaust all the time, then I would recommend a Q2 muffler. The Q2's are quiet and actually give more mid range and top end power. My wife has one on her 290F and it registers 93 DB.

I have on for my '03 YZ 450 and for my '04 KXF 290. It runs great on the KXF with only a needle clip adjustment to sharpen it up. I've never been able to get the YZ to run right. I've even tried completely different needles and its still no luck. It is quieter but I've given up on it (at least for awhile) on the YZ.

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