I rode Kelly Smiths Practice track Sunday

You know him. National 125cc pro, formerly factory KTM rider, formerly MotoXXX rider.

I was @ his practice track @ Ludington Michigan Sunday. All I got to say is "I aint worthy." If that track is any indication of what a Supercross track is like then WOW :)

I always thought that I was at least a decent rider :D . But man, that place makes my meager skills seem insignificant :D .

The place was a muddy slimy mess but hey its better than being home doing the dishes :D.

Try riding the Amateur day next year at Pontiac. They dont change the track very much and its pretty scary how hard and slippery the dirt is.

Ive always wanted to try Pontiac. But Ive finially cane to terms with something. Im not worthy!!

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