Rear spring sag question-5.2 spring

Put my 5.2 spring on yesterday, and can't get static and race sag right. With static at 1", race is 3.5". Maybe the spring will break in, but it appears to be a bit too stiff. Should I shoot for the 1" static, or go to 4" race and too much static? Or should I add 2" sag to my gut, which should get things just right :)


I'd set the race sag right, put some time on it and check again. Mine changes quite a bit over the first couple of rides on the new spring. FWIW :)


Give Factory Connection a call if you don't get it right. I'm new to the CRF and I was referred to them by a shop and I have to say they were very helpful. Course I was in the market for suspension work but they answered my questions and I only decided to buy from them after they were so helpful. I believe they told me the static sag between 15 to 25 mm was a litte dated and in some cases they go up to 30 or so with race sag being around 105. I'm not 100 % sure on these figures so don't quote me but if you aren't sure give them a ring.

FYI. I'd focus on getting the race sag at about 4".

that's right Kfrosty. that's the same thing Factory told me when I had mine revalved. I have the 5.2 rear with 105mm sag, and IIRC I had 30mm of static sag.


I promise not to tell anyone, but how much do you weigh? As I'm at 25mm with only 90 race sag, I doubt I'll get to 105mm with 30mm static, but will give it a shot if your weight is anywhere near mine. And I'll focus on the 105mm rather than static for the first ride out.

Thanks to all for the input.


According to the manual, one full turn of the nut changes the sag by 1.5mm. This is for the factory spring. I can't see why this would be any different with a heavier spring, if your measuring static sag.

Oops, sorry, I just remembered I have a 5.0 spring on mine. They sent me a 5.2 by mistake the first time. For the record I weigh 155#.

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