ATTRAX and other snow toys

I wouldn't have believed it without seeing it first. Very cool!

I can't believe you didn't post these guys Too :banghead::busted::D :D

That looks like alot of fun! And when you fall off, you hit snow instead of rocks.:banghead:

I can't believe you didn't post these guys Too :banghead::busted::D :D

Cool link (and pun intended!) now that's an interesting way to do that rear section ...... there's almost no reason to put your bike away with these types of contraptions coming available. ...... and if you've seen in some of those videos, it works great in sand, mud, dirt, or whatever ...... and in the snow it just rocks, (errr wrong word there .....)

I'd have me one of those if I got more snow.but I only get a few good snow storms a year. I think I'll do up a set of studs soon .I layed my bike down at 45 mph in 2 inches of snow the other day on the road.

How much do they cost? All the website say to call. Wonder if any of you new before I have to listen to a sales pitch I am not interested in hearing.

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