Richfield, Utah

Just went thru Richfield Utah the other day and saw some areas that might be good riding. Wondering if anyone knows of some good areas or who to contact. Planning on a ride in the midle of the month. :)

Hear Clearfield is in KS.??? Stop by Albuquerque and we'll do some desert stuff some time.

Whoops, can't wait to hit the big Utah. Nothing like the Great-Out-Doors.

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The Piute ATV trail goes through Richfield. 600 miles of trail. Not real challenging, but beutifull. Goes up over 11000 feet elevation.

San Rafael swell is right there also. Kevin


I'm coming down to Utah the weekend of the 13th for a ride (hopefully) on the Stansbury Front trail. There will be four of us (one XR400, one KX500, one DRZ400E and a WR426) and you're welcome to join us (I'm assuming you're from Clearfield, Utah.) PM me for my phone number or email me at


gamma, Yeah I just found out that it looks like we're going back to san rafeal swell....again, this wil be about the 5th time in 6 years There are about 15 or more in our group that go to a new place at least once a year and the place we were going to go this year (escalante) won't work out, so I was hoping maybe somewhere around richfield. Know about the piaute, but we like something more challenging. Thanks though.

Dave, I'll PM ya.


gamma, check your pm also

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