First "real" sqush up of the radiator

I don't know why, but I can't get off my mind squshing one of my radiators. I don't know if it was because it was the fist time the radiator(s) were damaged (200 miles on the thing) or if it was because I was going about 5 MILES AN HOUR when I did it. Why do they make those things hang out so far!? I have the Devol gaurds which I think save me from one accident, but not this one! The front wheel got caught in a dusty rut and slipped right out from under me. You know, I bet it wouldn't even have done any damage if that little 3/4" bushing that comes with the gaurds hadn't of been on there! It looks like thats about all it was pushed in. Anyway I'm gonna try and straiten it out and make my own gaurds. Seems like somebody would make something that works to keep from ruining $600 worth of radiators! :)

Sorry to hear about your radiator. I've purchased a few in the past and it always hurts the wallet. I bought a new YZ400 when they first came out. Second ride I caught a tree limb that put about an inch and a half hole in one of the radiators. The problem was, since the bike was new, it took a little over six weeks to get a new radiator. That hurts when you have a new toy that you can't play with.

Can you give some more facts on your damage? I also have Devol guards and am concerned how you have damage with the guards from a slow drop!



Well, the first accident (which I wasn't riding when involved) was a head on collision with a smaller bike, which it seemed the smaller bike caught the tip of the radiator shroud and some of the radiator, but it was more of a frontal hit, so it basically pushed, pulled the radiator back and the gaurds kept from bending up all of the fins, the only thing is, if you have an '02 "E" model the radiator hose clamp that comes off your head is turned from factory to where if the radiator is pushed back will stick in your radiator. I feel the gaurds actually helped in that accident, but when I dropped it yesterday, we were riding on a trail where alot of 4-wheelers ride and I was pokin' along and made a simple right hand turn where I was in the "outside" rut and evidently went to cross ruts and the front wheel wanted to stay in the one it was in. I put my foot down and actually thought I wasn't gonna tip over, then there goes my foot! 5 mph tops! I'm telling you if your bike falls to side which if you fall, that's the only way it can, so consider your radiator bent up. There's nothin those aluminum gaurds can do for 262lbs. It really sucks...most radiators are tucked under a little more. :)

Isn't there anyone out there making after market radiators for bikes?

Mr. Myler of Myler M/C Radiator repair does a fantastic job repairing/straightening m/c radiators. He has done several for myself and my friends and is very reasonable.

Here is his website:

Would a brace below and between the two rad-guards and clamped to the front frame down-tube have helped?

I seen a few people post on here before about this mod to their guards to add more protection from twisting.

when i got my bike 2 months ago both of the rads were damaged partucularly bad on the left side. I have been ridng on regardlees for the past while taking it as easy as i can to prevent overheating. The left side (below) got damaged by a branch coming right through and splitting the main pipes from the outer bracing. It has been sealed and thankfully doesnt leak and as yet i have had no overheating probs (i think). Jus gotta wait until i can afford new ones. :)


Yea, I've seen that mod on here before. I think it would have helped considering the "wimpy" tip over that caused it! I'm thinking of doing something like that, just for some piece of mind.

Jus gotta wait until i can afford new ones

McMucker, If you take your rads off and send them to Mylers they can fix you up. Mine cost me $65 to fix (that included shipping) THey can work wonders. Mine was smashed in by about 1-2 inches and he straightend it and soldered the hole and did a pressure check. When its done it may not look as good a new but it will certainaly work as good as new. You can even ask him to add some more reienforcement to the sides to prevent the rad from dending in so easy. Repairs start at something like $35 and go up from there depending on what he has to do. BUt it is alot cheaer than new ones and he has a really quick turn around. He states that he has a one day turn around. I had a ride comming up one weekend and sent it off on Monday via US Postal Priority next day mail. I had it back by thursday all fixed.

he is in ireland!i doubt he wants to ship his radiator around the world. :)

:) My bad. But good info for anyone els wondering anyway..

Somebody on here had a picture of a homemade radiator support they made. I can't remember if it was in the archives or not. It looked pretty good. It was a straight bracket that went across the down-tube and picked up the lower shroud/radiator bolts on each side and was clamped to the down-tube.

I went ahead and made one up myself and it seems to work. I had three minor crashes last weekend with no damage. The only drawback might be that if you really crash hard, then the bracket might rotate on the down-tube and wreck both radiators.

I'll see if I can get a picture if you're interested.

I've had some hard get offs on my S and never had a problem.

Last Friday I had to bail when I went off the backside of an up hill berm in my backyard. The rear hooked up solid and I had a face full of front fender in a hurry , hit the eject button and watch my trusty ride sail through the air and land on the right side. Shattered the Acerbis rally gaurd , bent the brake lever and misaligned the front wheel but no radiator damage , I was amazed. Scratched up the shroud pretty good but the rads fine. I guess I just got lucky. :)



Thanbks anyhow P Moon but i couldnt be bothered waiting all that time for the shipment no matter how quick he is. I will look into getting it fixed locally though. Does anyone knoe of any S rads nfor sale? If i was gonna upgrade i would want rads with bigger hoses for better flow and possibly a fan.


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