anyone not havin probs 450 clutch??

im readin all these posts about people having probs with there clutches and im gettin kinda skeptical anyone not having probs with there clutches??? if so when did you get it...wonder if the clutch prob is only coming up in early models.

I have new early model around # 200 & the clutch sounds weird but is fine. I actually took it in. The sound is normal and so far the clutch has beedn fine.

Absolutely no problems with my clutch. I can't even hear the sound everyone is talking about.


Just rode mine for the first time on Sat. and I was very pleased with the clutch. Neutral seemed much easier to find also. Maybe we should start looking at the serial #'s

I also rode mine for the first time this past clutch noise....but tighten those spokes they are very loose from Japan!

by the sounds of the past couple posts the prob is only happening in earlier models...perhaps like others have said...only the first shipment...hopefully weel have news from yamaha soon on a good way to fix the problem

Rode mine for the first time this weekend. No probs with the clutch, no noises either.

With everyone talking of problems i'd just like to add my name to the very happy no problems list!!

Alright, I took my new 450 out this weekend to the track. I did notice a difference in the feel of the clutch when engaged. The best I can describe it is "grabby". I would guess Yamaha had to use heaver clutch springs to compensate for the taller 1st and 2nd gears. I do not think it really matters how much oil there is because if you put alot of pressure on the disks and plates they are going to engage firmer. I only noticed it taking off from a dead stop. Personally, I like the grabby feel. I just hope no damage is being done.

I guess time will tell. Perhaps someone should try a synthetic oil...

Mine makes the same noise as my Ducati 996 sps and feels similar.The Duke has a dry clutch and one would last approximately 2000 miles with wheelie abuse. :)

I have ridden my 450 ~10 times and havent heard any unusual noise from the clutch. I just hear all that 4 stroke noise of cams, valves, chains, and such. The clutch feels great to me.. I hope this problem doesnt develop over time.

I rode mine for the first time saturday and definately noticed the "grabby" feeling. Tonight I did the oil change, new twin air, etc... I deciced to take a look at the clutch and guess what? There is little or no oil on the plates!!

I'm glad I found this board or I might not have even thought mutch about the "grabby" feel, let alone taken the time to check the clutch plates. I am soaking them overnight to see if it helps. Any other suggestions would be helpful..

why are the plates not getting oil? You can't keep taking them out all the time. My 450 makes some clutch noise, but the clutch works fine. I hav'nt looked at the plates, if it aint broke don't fix it.

serial #4105

I have the same UGLY noise!!! :)

sounds nasty.....just like dry clutch plates!

None, Zero, Nada, Zip!! I have replied to several of the "Clutch Noise" post. No matter what I do, I can't get my clutch to make any noise at all. I guess it's a good thing, after I read about the issues others are having with this noise??? Purchased my bike on Aug 28, have ridden it 15+ times, change my oil every 2nd ride, I just haven't had the same symptoms(noise)others report??

I have no symptoms yet. What exactly will soaking the plates do? Shouldn't the clutch be getting lubrication while the bike is running? You can't constantly be taking the clutch apart to soak the plates every 2 rides. :)

Fill the oil up to the top of the dipstick. I noticed that if the oil is towards the bottom of the dipstick, the clutch makes a little noise. It doesn't hold much oil to begin with, so if you are slightly low...that is a relatively big "percentage" of oil missing and hence the noise. Let us know if this info helps.

Soaking the plates definately has made a difference in the smoothness of the clutch action at take off. Maybe it's only temporary... but I would rather be safe than sorry!

There can only be a few possible answers:

1. The factory designed the clutch to be more "grabby" (stiffer springs?)

2. There is actually a problem with the lubrication of the clutch components.

3. The plates were simply not soaked properly at the factory. Not out of the realm of possibility, but unlikley you would think.

As far as noises, I haven't heard anything that seems to strange, but, I'm relatively new to the whole four stroke scene.... so I may not know what to look for. Anyway, my buddy who is a mechanic at Martin Motorsports, where I got the bike, suggested re-soaking the plates... so I did it.


is it possible that yamaha was so eager to get the bikes out to the world that they simply didnt soak the plates long enough or even at all?? and this could be causing the probs?? also....exactly how is the clutch fed oil?? the oil pump pumps a steady stream on it? in the vacinity of the clutch? does it run in an inch or so of oil?? if this is the case perhaps the lower amount of oil cannot keep up with the large engine?? im probably way off here and i shoulda just kept my mouth shut. hopefully when i get mine i wont have to deal with any of this

Mine 450 makes noise when sitting in neutral and pulling the cluctch in and out. Sounds like when my old Peterbilt throw out bearing were starting to wear out. :)

No noises during gear changes or around corners and hitting it hard Yet............

DEFINITELY a grabby feel like a lite swithch on or off

Only got to ride it once on the track so I'm hoping that breaks in a little, kinda like the forks, GAWD their Harsh!

My 450f has a vin #----0099 and has had a grabby clutch frome day one. I finally took it back to the dealer after reading all the posts from people with and without clutch problems. Yamaha did not admit to a problem, but they are replacing some of my 450 parts with 426 parts free of charge. This is said to be the fix. I should get the bike back this week, I will let you know how it goes. I will also try to find out what parts were replaced.

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