YZ 450 F, NEW!!

I have a YZ 450 F brand new, I'll let it go for 5900$

Again, it's brand new, not a ride on it.

email me for details at steve.lepine@cbs.fiserv.com


I got mine Saturday for 5800.00.

Yes Steve but is it dirty yet? :)

We might go to Rausch creek on Sat and Jack Frost Sunday


Nope, not dirty either...

Sorry mine is dirty, did you guys pay that out the door?

including tax & everything. Sounds like a good deal.


Alright Guys,

5800$ final price.

Anyone? :)

wish i could, if it was next year i a was out of school i would have said yes.


I'm in Orlando, FL

But I'll ship anywhere in US.

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