I made a BIG mistake

My wife and I went riding yesterday. I was on my x440s and she was blasting around on her ttr250(big gun full exaust,and some other performance goodies) We had been just fun riding around the Jean dry lake bed. Some powerline roads, sandy whoopy single track, just fun stuff. (NO ROCKS!!!) She actually saved my butt because in the middle of the dry lake bed, there is this large cirular mound of dirt. Kinda like a volcano cone with access on 2 sides. normally we run up the side (about 20 feet high) and into the cone probably 200 feet in diameter. Well, for some reason she desides to go around and enter through one of the flat spots. WOW, its full of water! this part, at least, was no longer a dry lake bed. If we had gone over the side the way we normally do, we would have landed in 3-4 feet deep water. Whew! Anyway to my big mistake. I let her ride my bike! I couldn't get it back! When I finally got her to stop, she called her ttr250 "A Little P**sy bike" Can you believe it? She always said that if c-dale came out with a 250, she would want one. Now she wants my 440! I still think its a little heavy and tall for her, but maybe with some more time in the saddle she will be ok. She said the x440s was always in the powerband and APE CRAZY. It was fun, riding behind her and noticing that anytime she was giving it gas(and mean everytime!), the rear tire was tearing up the dry lake bed. Thats some power! Now heres the good part, she said that when she is ready to ride my bike full time, she will take mine and I can get a new one. Do I have a cool wife or what???

Actually this makes me think of something else. I really like her ttr-250. Right now the suspension is way to soft, but what is really cool is the way that thing tracks. It has a wer steering dampner, so I am not sure how much of the stability is from that, but it is easily 5 times more stable then my x440s. It seems my x440s is really "Jittery" and jumpy. Imagine sudden sharp bumps. My x440s will send the front tire one way and the rear the other. In Long sandy sections, even at speed, her bike will be relatively stable and mine still wants to follow ruts. Seemingly like the back tire and the front tire are following different ruts! I had the supension revaled already, what diretion should I be going in? Stiffer, Softer? Any tips would be appreciated.

--marc :)

The "jumpy" condition you mentioned sounds like the front is darting on you. This is generally a symptom of having the rebound set to quick. I'd slow it down a bit (1-2 clicks out). Just make sure to write down the current settings so you can reset it to "normal" if needed.


what should you do?

take very good care of her, sell the TTR, give her the s, and get the x.


I am just as lucky with my wife...she is chomping at the bit for her CRF230....day doesnt go by that she doesnt ask where it is.... :)

And I think to keep her happy, I am going to ask Gary at EFM when he can fabricate a clutch for it....

Of course she warned me that if she didnt want to go ride, if it was okay to go shoot a few rounds of skeet, and then go ride....

sigh.....to have these level of issues.....what ARE we going to do?



HR, sounds like our ladies were related in another life. There is a smaller town about 60 miles north of vegas called Mesquite. We frequently go there for weekend getaways. One of the things to do is trap shooting. They have a full club with 8 full stations, plus one by a lake. Each station has like 10 different ways to launch the clay pidgeon(s) You can rent their guns, and buy their amo for a really good price so its not even worth bringing your own. Next time we will bring the bikes. Hey, is that a new olympic sport? Instead of cross country skiing and target shooting. Dirt bikes and trap shooting!

I will try a couple more clicks on the rebound. Thanks!!


My wife is just like yours too! She wants my 2002 C440...oh wait, she wants me to get rid of it, not ride it! How did you guys get so lucky?!? My wife is always dropping subtle hints about getting out of the sport all together. Yeah, your right they are not too subtle. I'll tell you what though, she make great brownies!

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