submerged XR600

My brothers property got flooded in Wash St last week...his 96' XR600 was submerged under 12 feet of muddy river water for 2 days before they could be rescued...I pulled the oil-drain plugs and the thing drained out 5 gallons of water and guck. The air-filter box was one solid block of mud inside.

My question is....because the XR has a hollow-frame which holds the oil, i'm sure its full of mud and there anyway to clean it out?...I thought about pulling the motor out and just running water thru the frame for hours...

Any thoughts?


heres the bathroom in the house


Can he just turn it into the insurance company? Do you have anymore flood pictures?

The frame tube might not be that bad. The water has a ways to go through the engine before it can get in there.

More important is to get that engine cleaned and dried before the internals get totally ruined by rust.

Major bummer!

My priority would be getting it running as soon as possible, before anything can rust (any worse).

I'd pull the carb, pull the oil lines, flush all that (but not the motor) with water until clean, then flush with oil, re-assemble, put the cleaned carb back on, and get it running.

I'd get some oil into the engine while its off- oil down the plug hole, crank it quite a bit, oil into the head via the adjuster holes, oil into the crankcase however you can get it there.

After its running, lube all the pivots, steering head etc.


Flush w/Diesel, that may help. Best of luck to your bro.

i've got his crf450 stripped now and no room to start dssassembling a 2nd the 660 quad needs completely cleaned too....i'll definetaly add oil to the XR till i can get to it....heres more flood pix



water-line is just above the 5th 2x6



10 inches of mud leftover...

Wow that sucks .. being a flood victim in the past I feel your pain.. I would flush the low end with Diesel or kerosene and tear down and relube everything else as others have mentioned ... Don't forget that riding mower .. Mine has been under water four times over the years but its still chugging along. just treat it the same as the bikes .. Good luck , JF

yikes !

I bought a XR600 before that fell over in a river and they couldn't get it out for a couple of hours. The whole frame had water in in so I am sure your frame is packed with mud which is going to be hard to get out. Time to strip the bike all the way down when your done with the CRF/Quad

Good luck

I agree with the flushing with diesel.

this is all great advise. diesel is a good solvent and will do the job well.

saw that mess on the local news. sorry to see it happened to you. good luck!

That sucks man, For all its worth, We sunk a flatbottom big block boat a few years ago on a windy day and it took overnight until shore patrol and others could help us get it out of 20 + foot water. We tore it down mildly.. cleaned then oiled everything THEN cleaned the stuff that didnt need oil the carb etc... I guess it was ok as the boat ran for like 5 years after till we sold it.

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