what is you maintanace schedual like?

How often do you guys or have you ever

1. change fork oil

2. adjust valves

3. replace top end

just trying to get a general idea to see if I'm up to par. thanks

Fork oil - Once right after break in, then every 6 months

Adjust valves - Check and adjust every 6 months

Replace top end - 100 hours (actually I won't be doing it this year as I get a new 450 every year)

fork oil every month to 6 weeks at the latest

valves never

top end never

just change the engine and tranny oil regularly and sell the bike at the end of the year

i put about 120 to 140 hours at least a year on my bikes

Everything BLL said.

I also change oil and oil filter after every second tank of fuel this is probably a bit excessive but i like to be safe.

I also grease linkages and head stem etc every 3 months

I ride motocross 1 to 2 times weekly,have 175 hours on this fine machine that Honda has provided. change fork and shock oil every 3 to 4 months,check valve clearance every 25 hours have only had to adjust 1 exhaust valve at 160 hours. check clearances on piston,rings and valve stems every 75 hours, all within specs, and still consistantly holeshot pro races,sweet motor!

How often do you guys or have you ever

1. change fork oil - after first ride and quarterly thereafter

2. adjust valves - 75, 100, 110, 120 by ten until reshimming or new valves, if needed.

3. replace top end - will sell bike before it needs one, at least that's what I believe will happen as I too belong to the annual "rotational plan." However, I treat my bikes very well. I change the oil every other ride and oil filter every other oil change. The good thing about this procedure is not only having a bike that seems to always be happy but an added benefit is that when I sell them there are folks waiting in line because they know me and they know how I take care of my bikes. I also sell at a fair price and the person buying my bike knows with certainty that there are no "surprises." :D

Going a few steps further, I try my best (kids' and wife's needs come first) to wash and lube it after every ride. I try and do this when kids are chillin' and wife is shopping. This allows me to randomly check for loose stuff, cracks, buff some alloy, scrub the chain goop out, et al.

I STILL HATE CHANGING TIRES. :) There is no love loss when I pay someone $10 to change my tire...

Hope this helps,


I would say that I am right with you guys and I think I'll inspect the top end this winter. Thanks for the info.

My schedule is identical to wingman111. I also ride the pro class. However, I never touched my top end, and none of my valves have ever gone out of spec.(other than compression release). I have had my bike over a year now, and it has been riden about 150 hours. I think my top end is getting a little tired though. Hope this helps...

1. change fork oil- 6-9 months.

2. adjust valves - check & adjust every 2 mos.

3. replace top end - I usually sell it before it is required.

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